Your favorite vernis color ???(updated poll)


Your favorite vernis color ? (updated poll)

  1. noisette

  2. perle

  3. framboise

  4. indigo

  5. marshmallow

  6. mint

  7. babyblue

  8. fuschia

  9. red

  10. bronze

  11. lavender

  12. purple

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  1. -> Can´t decide !!

    (Please Mods delete the previous poll) Sorry....
  2. Bronze :graucho:
  3. RED!!! :love:
  4. i love everything white. white multicolore, perle... vanilla epi.. if there was a more white and not so cream epi i'd snatch that up too.. i don't have anything perle vernis just yet though.. i'm scared cuz of the easy color transfer scares. lol.
  5. Love all the colors from vernis but RED is my color of choice..
  6. up
  7. Indigo! Followed closely by bronze.
  8. I love Framboise, closely followed by Noisette.
  9. I voted purple, but I think they're all pretty. :shame:
  10. Bronze!!
  11. Bronze!
  12. I'll have to go with fuchsia, but I also like the Indigo a lot
  13. Bronze. It reminds me of the 2004 S/S ads where LV had the models laying on sand and they are all so tan and gorgrous! :heart: it!
  14. :heart: :heart: :heart: Framboise for me :P
  15. I voted Bronze I love that color. But indigo is a close second.