Your favorite Upscale Interior Design Forum ...

  1. High End, Modern, Antiques, Home Ideas, Products, etc.

    I am NOT looking for a basic Better Homes and Gardens type. Something along the lines of Met Home, House and Garden, and Elle Decor. More upscale with true design elements.

    It is strange that I can't seem to find forums associated with these magazines or on this level.
  2. That would be a great forum to have here.
  3. u have my vote. that would be nice. r u building or something?
  4. Bump - I've been trying to find something to. Maybe start a thread about favorite furniture lines, decorating ideas, etc in the general chat area.
  5. Great idea!

  6. I agree!! Great idea!!:yes:
  7. I am always working on my 1948 Art Deco Condo. I need help and motivation. I buy, sell, barter and collect.

    I would love to see something permanent under the Kitchen topic.

    It could cover furniture, window treatments, organization, paint, flooring, techniques,home repair etc.

    It seems like this would be a good place because of the high quality traffic. It also seems there are a lot of career women here that are working on their first homes.

    So many women here are into good personal style, it seems it would carry into the home.
  8. That would be such a fun forum!

    Have you ever read "Domino" magazine? They have tons of cute home design ideas :smile:
  9. we need a forum like this! im re-doing my room (at the price of not having a 15th birthday party)
    and i want it all black an white modern, with a black barcelona bad, and barcelona ottoman , and a white desk, and a white dresser.
    most people would think this tacky, but im sure it will look fabulous!
  10. ^oooh that sounds hot!!! Post pics when UR done! :smile:
  11. You are 15? And you are familiar with Mies Barcelona Furniture?? I am Impressed.

    It could look very cool. I own a Mies coffee table, ottoman, Studio Lounge, Couch/Daybed, Flat Bar and Tubular Brno Chairs. This was the first furniture I bought , all vintage Knoll. It is still my favorite.

    I have mixed in antique pieces, along with forties modern, Florence Knoll, Edward Wormley, Dunbar, Widdicomb, Arteluce, Nessen, Scandinavian Pottery,

    I will tell you that it would not be comfortable to sleep on a Mies Daybed, but you could make a tufted replica Headboard and add other pieces in.

    Knoll does the authentic Mies, but there are some good copies. Buy the best quality you can afford. You will have it years to come. It mixes very well.