Your favorite Tod's boutique or outlet?

  1. As I've searched for specific styles and colors, I've spoken on the phone to folks at a number of outlets and boutiques. I've found the outlet SAs to be of truly variable levels of helpfulness. Some seem to know the stock well––and others seem to not even have a clue which bag is which, not even recognizing the names of some of the most popular bags. Of all the boutiques, my fave is in Hawaii. Have never visited, but have spoken to SAs there who were very cordial and knowledgeable. They were very happy to answer questions and were wonderful when it came to emailing pix. Do you have any fave outlet or boutique locations?
  2. There aren't many exclusively Tod's stores, are there? The only one I've been in is Chicago. The guard at the door kind of puts me off. It's a very small shop, too. Which is the largest?

    I'd like to visit Honolulu just for the great shopping. Sounds like they have all my faves there!
  3. I visit the TODS on Madison in NYC and the outlets at Woodbury & Orlando. I pop into the Mad Ave boutique once a month to have a look! The guard is a bit of a turnoff, but that's NYC for ya!, sometimes it's nice that he holds the door for me if I am weighed down with parcels...
    The Gals in Vegas are super, they answer questions and send pictures! Woodbury won't even answer the phone if it's busy...
    Mad ave is very well stocked and has the clothes too!
  4. My very favourite is Tod's largest store in Milan. It's on three levels and they have a huge assortment. Besides, the SA are very friendly. Once I tried at least 10 pairs of shoes and one SA kept showing me different colors and models. Tod's has another two shops in Milan, and they are also nice but smaller.

    Friendly staff also in Genova, but the shop is quite small. I also visited theTod's shop in Madison Av. but wasn't impressed - I could not believe that the shop in Milan is actually bigget than that one.... and the outlets in Woodbury and Orlando are also nice.

    My least favourite is the Tod's shop in Brussels - staff is quite unfriendly, snobbish and not helpful. Once they told me they could order a pair of shoes in my size, they made me wait almost a month and then it turned out they could not do it... Very unprofessional.
  5. Unfortunately, I don't live near a Tod's Boutique. I have the outlets send me pics and check places like NM, BG and Saks.
  6. I like both the Tod's boutiques in Singapore (Takashimaya and Paragon) as I always get excellent service from their staff. The Paragon shop is bigger with 2 levels after its renovation and carries clothes too.

    The SA at Paragon was lovely. She was very patient in letting me try many pairs of shoes since I was new to Tod's shoes and uncertain of my size (I can wear 3 different sizes!). She also made recommendation on shoes which I would like, as well as the size I should take for different types of shoes.

    The SAs over at Takashimaya were also very friendly. They would call me when items I have expressed interest in arrived in their store (that was how I got my G-Bag after their 1st shipment was sold out within a week). They would also remember what I was looking for and advise on when the next shipment would be.

    It is always a good experience at the two Tod's boutiques in Singapore.
  7. I've only been to the outlet in Primm NV. They are friendly but knowledge of product seems to depend on which person you get.
  8. I like the tods outlet in Bicester in the UK, I have never tried to get them to email me pics, I usually just pop in when I am passing through.

    It would be handy to have a list of telephone numbers for these outlets and email addresses.
  9. Ooh, there is a Tod's outlet at Bicester???!!!Do they do mail order as I'm up in Scotland?

    From the ones I've been to I like the Chicago one the best, with Heathrow T3 right behind :smile:
    Least favorite would be the Berlin one (Ku-Damm, concession in KaDeWe is superb), mainly because some of the staff seemed to have quite an attitude.
  10. Yep, Kat4, there is a Tods in Bicester, I dont see why they would not do mail order to Scotland, they may charge a delivery, I know Jimmy Choo in Bicester do mail order.
    There are about 5 styles of Tods shoes, that if I ever saw in my size, I could be in heaven!!
  11. I'm glad you have found the Hawaii SAs cordial and knowledgeable. I have found the same. The SA I worked with the most left early this year to work at Chanel :nogood:. It is unlikely I will continue buying from him! The Tod's store has two stories and also carries a good selection of mens' items. It is in a building with a Chanel, Gucci, YSL, Bottega Veneta and Coach...yes, lots of reasons to come to Hawaii!
  12. I like the two stores in Singapore, they are actually just across the same street Orchard Road which goes to show how well Tod's is doing here.

    SAs are generally helpful and informative, unless they are mobbed during sales :graucho:.

    Prices are good too, Tod's prices are cheaper here than the US for sure. During sales, prices are comparable to Woodsbury outlets.

    I have 3 Tod's... am on my way to post pictures in another thread here!
  13. I visit both Dubai and Bangkok Tod's boutiques,
    all of the boutiques have a very friendly staff who would
    help you choose and spend full attention on you.

    I find that the Dubai boutique has more stuff than the Bangkok ones
    and also the big shoes sizes are available more than it is in Asia.
    But if I had to choose which Tod's boutique I like best? I would pick
    Tod's Boutique at The Emporium Mall in Bangkok! I bought most of my Tod's bags from there :smile:
    And it was close to my place anyway!
  14. I shop the Tod's in Beverly Hills at least twice a year. My SA is great, more than willing to check on stock and order an item from a different store.
  15. Tod's boutique in Las Vegas and Beverly Hill's are nice, Steve @ the cabazon outlet is so helpful!!!