Your favorite things . . .

  1. Oprah has her favorite things . . . . I thought it would be fun to share some of our "can't live without, must have, thank goodness they were invented items" . . . mine right now is Spanx- love it, works perfect with those summer dresses- working out can't fix it all . . .
  2. My new Palm Z22 (baby palm pilot)....I'm obsessed with it.
  3. mmm toughy. I have so many, but right now it's gotta be Mongolian BBQ :biggrin: and my beloved car <---
  4. Wow. I have so many as well.
    Let's start with my eyelash curler and my dishwasher.
  5. cable television and the internet.
  6. The internet and my nephew.
  7. High thread count sheets:yes:
  8. My ipod and my computer :-]]
  9. The answer is not a purse?? :confused1: J/k, my favorite thing would be my DS lite and Yoshi's Island.
  10. my cellphone and my foot massager.
  11. My 8 hour cream
    My bed
    My laptop
    My fiance, parents, sister and dog
  12. Books

    Dreyer's Strawberry pops

    my hair stylist
  13. My sidekick :smile:
  14. dr haushka rose day cream
    my phone
    a hot bubble bath(lush products) and a good book
  15. My blackberry, my laptop, and my espresso machine!