Your favorite Starbucks drink

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  1. What will it be?

    For me, it's a Chai Tea Latte, with soy, no water and 5 pumps. Megs made me do it, and I love it! :nuts:
  2. I looove vanilla latte and used to be addicted to this stuff:lol:
  3. "used to be addicted"... uhm how do you get OFF it? I've tried, but failed so many times. I swear they stir some crack in it to get you addicted... hehe
  4. Good thread!!! I love the gingerbread latte during the Holidays!!!! Grande, please!
  5. Chai Latte.. fabulous !

    And if I'm feeling indulgent, Chantico.. it's like drinking melted chocolate, and probably has as many calories as your average meal !
  6. Do you *really* care about the calorie intake when going to SB? C'mon now... :P
  7. I have two, and the great starbucs worker's know them by heart when I come in

    1. Summertime, Grande Carmel frap. With extra carmel!

    2. Fall/Winter Grande Carmel Machiato. Extra Carmel!:love:

    And this is the only carmel I willl ever eat...
  8. Call me a weirdo (OK, actually, please don't), but I don't drink coffee. Haven't had a single sip in 22 years -- just don't like the stuff.

    However, when I was pregnant and always nauseated, I would go into Starbucks for steamed skim milk and I'd dust some vanilla powder on it -- vitamins, protein and stomach-settling. Since then....nuttin'.
  9. Nothing weird about that! I used to drink coffee, before I was told by my nutritionist that it was flat out bad for you. I knew it before, I just had to be told. I've been a tea drinker ever since. I don't do sodas either. Just carbonated sugar water anyway.
  10. ^^ Now maybe I'm going out on a limb here but I'm just guessing that you aren't the stay-at-home mommy of two children? Am I right? That being said, I only drink tea (decaf, in fact) but I CANNOT get through the afternoon without my one therapeutic can of Diet Vanilla Coke.

    And yes, say a prayer for me, Coca-Cola is discontinuing all vanilla products as of December 31st! sniff!
  11. Huge tea drinker all the way! I love soy chais from Starbucks, and Zen tea (from Tazo). Yum....:P
  12. i am a starbucks addict :sad2: I cant get through a class without my grande skim sugar free extra hot caramel macchiato...and it doesnt help that my school has 3 starbucks on every block lool
  13. How'd you figure that? :lol:

    Ugh, I tried the Vanilla Coke products once, and almost spewed it all over the sidewalk. No wonder they are taking it off the market. Hehe...
  14. Vanilla Coke just adds too much sweet to an already sweet product. Diet Coke has a bit of a sharper edge and the vanilla softens that just a bit. You can see, I'm a connisseur!
  15. summer - grande carmel frappucino - no whip

    winter - either a grande skim toffee nut latte or a 1/2 white, 1/2 dark hot chocolate with skim milk and carmel topping :P

    mmmmmm, starbucks!
Thread Status:
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