Your favorite SPICE GIRL!


Your favorite SPICE GIRL!

  1. Melanie B.

  2. Victoria

  3. Emma

  4. Geri

  5. Melanie C.

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  1. Which your favorite spice girl?

    Melanie B








    Melanie C

  2. My favorite spice girl is Emma!
  3. My favourite Spice Girl was always Mel B - I think she has real stage presence. She was the one that you wanted to watch all the time because she seemed to put so much more into it than the others.

    Yes - she can be gobby - but thats not a bad thing. I love her.

    I think she is really pretty too.
  4. I love Victoria, but honestly,I love them all!! Unique personalities and fun to watch.
  5. Yay! Posh is in the lead lol!
  6. This is such a loaded question.. I used to LOVE Mel B.. but she's definitely not my favorite anymore.. I'd say Geri or Vicky. I love Emma too though! But i'll go with Geri since i'm sure everyone will say Victoria, hehe
  7. I too think Geri was the epitome of the whole Girl Power ideal! She seems to be really loving her new life as a mummy too, and looks incredible at the moment, so Ginger gets my vote ;)
  8. Another vote for victoria... I love her! :heart:

    Also wow... Mel B looks so gorgeous minus her whole Scary Spice get up!
  9. I voted Emma but Geri is another one of my favorites too.
  10. When I was a teen I loved the spice girls!!my favourite was Geri!now, I'm a bit grown up,and I think the cutest is Emma!
  11. I love them all less Victoria, but i think my favorite is Emma.:p
  12. I can't vote in the poll, because I have multiple favorites. In order from most to least, it goes:

    1. Victoria/Emma/Geri
    2. Mel C.
    3. Mel. B.
  13. :party: GIRL POWER! :tispy:

    Geri used to be my favourite, even if Mel C was the only one who could actually sing. ;)
  14. I used to love Geri when I was younger
  15. Emma gets my vote!:tup: