Food Your favorite snacks...

Nov 1, 2005
well...i'm not that much of a work though I keep the Chocolate Drizzle Special K Bars and Cheese Nips in my desk drawer. My biggest snack obsession is Peanut M&Ms...I can probably eat a pound a day, I love them that much.


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
Peter Pan Low-Fat Creamy Peanut Butter. Straight out of the jar. With my spoon.

and i say MY spoon because at the beginning of the day i get it out and sit it on the table i always sit next to and use it throughout the day so i don't have to wash like 5 spoons. i'm gross and disgusting, i realize this :-P

and those pillsbury sugar cookies that are like slice-n-bake with the holiday pictures on them. i ate a whole pack of valentines ones over the past couple days.

normally i'm not a horrible snacker, i don't really like salty snacks so chips are safe around me.

my favorite candy is twix...mmmm. twix are most certainly not safe around me.

i do need to stop buying peanut butter, though. you can get two jumbo jars for $6 at the Bi-Lo (which i'm sure none of y'all are familiar with) on the corner.

i feel so ghetto when i go to that store...they have all the stuff that you can buy with food stamps clearly labelled...but they have the best peanut butter sales and it's always very fresh.


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
Sunshine said:
Ghetto....I love that! Our housekeeper for years and years has a relative on welfare...she makes this mac and cheese with this welfare is to die for!!!

lol my boyfriend always calls welfare 'government cheese.'

that's one of the not-so-charming things about Athens - you go from half-million-dollar houses to the ghetto in, like, a hundred yards.


Dec 8, 2005
baby carrots with dip
triscuits with sharp cheddar Easy Cheese
any fruit
dark chocolate!!!!!
Diet Dr Pepper must accompany snacks at all times!
**with a piece of Nicorette fresh mint to follow....:smile:


Jan 21, 2006
hmm i love chex mix yum yum and alllll kinds of cheese and i have to agree with sunshine on the bar food mmm buffalo wings!?! omg i would die for them there is this place in bonita springs its SO gross and dirty but they have the BEST BEST BEST wings EVER so i deal with the gross factor lol


I am the one that I want!
Jan 4, 2006
wickedassin said:
When I want salty things, I LOVE baked Cheetos--they taste just like the real thing... And I love See's Candy for chocolate. Something about the bridge mix--nut, caramel, coconut, toffee, all in differet bites of dark and milk chocolate :P

See's candy! :love: I think it's one of the reasons I love SF. Had my first See's in SF. Love the nuts and caramels, but honestly, there's no such thing as a bad See's :P Unfortunately, am no where near a See's store now. :sad: So I have to rely on the kindness of a friend who goes out to Cali from time to time.

As for snacks depends on my mood and varies accordingly, thought crunchy is a common mood. Love Kettle chips. They are delish. WA, if you like baked cheetos, there is an organic all natural brand that is low-fat and I believe even tastier than the original. Forget the name, I think it's bearitos. You might want to check it out.