Your favorite snacks...

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  1. I like:
    - Cottage cheese with canned pineapple or peaches
    - Apples with cheddar (thought this would be gross, but yum!)
  2. Banana and Gala Apples.
  3. I'm honestly the worst for snacking!!! I'm a bit embarassed but I eat BBQ Fritos every single night, and I always have chocolate at my bedside table- Ferrero Rocher, Turtles...curently its reese peanut butter cups. I just had a real fruit strawberry popsicle (it's 12.00am here) hehe bad eating habits!
  4. Ha! My mom gave me a box of chocolate truffles when this past weekend... let's see, is it Tuesday? They're gone!! The empty box is on my bedside table, too... :Push:
  5. When I want salty things, I LOVE baked Cheetos--they taste just like the real thing... And I love See's Candy for chocolate. Something about the bridge mix--nut, caramel, coconut, toffee, all in differet bites of dark and milk chocolate :P
  6. I love those!!! Yummy... :love:
  7. I like Cheetos (the spicy one), Japanese seaweed crackers, Reeses peanut butter cup, Ferrero Rocher, etc. So many snacks but so little time...
  8. I thought I was bad! :lol: I love BBQ Fritos too, but not every night though, about once a week. I love to snack on oranges or anything citrus/sour....and turkey jerky!
  9. I looove those seaweed crackers, anything nori in general. I really like the "fob trail mixes" with all the different kind of rice crackers as well. And chips. And chocolate. And eating peanut butter from the jar (gross, I know, but my jar is clearly marked and people that use my peanut butter can't read !). And pickles !! But especially avocado.. just with a dash of soy sauce and wasabi.

    Augh, all this is making me hungry. It's a good thing I don't buy snacks, I just like to think about them ! :lol:
  10. hahaha I'm the worst, its late at night like right now that gets me, I'm about to crack into those fritos! My only saving grace is that I drink water and green tea all day long. I need to take a picture of my bedside table for you guys, it would put everyone to shame lol
  11. I'm usually pretty good about snacking, lots of fruit or healthier stuff is usually what I'm in the mood for...and I"m really good at portioning out my chocolate so I get a little fix but it isn't killer with calories...probably my worst snack is cheese! I love it...almost any kind...with crackers or bad.
  12. I love anything and everything white cheddar! And ice guilty pleasure!
  13. Ha ha... so Asian... :lol: I love nori!!! I can finish the entire bag in one sitting.
  14. I have a really strange favorite snack. I love spicy things and it's what I usually crave as a snack. I eat those sliced jalapeno peppers that come in a jar. O_O
  15. I love blueberry yougert, popcorn and these Jalapeno chips made by Poore Brothers, they are to die for!