Your favorite shoes this fall

  1. I have been scouring the fall collection on the websites and have decided that these are my favorite shoes so far for the fall/winter 07 season!

    Brian Atwood Patent Leather Knee Boot


    Unfortunately I do not have th $1000 to buy them :sad:

    To make myself happy I picked these Nine Wests up for $29 on sale at Macy's tonight:

    It's not the same but they're darned cute!
  2. I love both of those choices!
  3. OMG!! I :heart: these CL leopard print boots:drool:. I can't wait to try them on....

  4. I am so bored by the fall shoes this season ... what's wrong with me???
  5. Love the pictures shown, but not for me. I think I'm leaning toward simple black kitten heel pumps for most of my day-to-day clothes and jeans.
  6. These are HOT!
  7. oh, I love those boots. I only think I'd be able to wear them like 10 times before I'd be sick of them, though
  8. Hi! Did you get these shoes in this color? I've seen this and wanted to get them on sale since I think they are pretty but I wasn't really fine with paying full price for a pair I know I will only wear with a few outfits... May I ask which Macy's you found them? Were they on clearance? Thanks!
  9. :wtf: SHHHHHHH!!! Perish the thought!
  10. Compulsive, very cute end-of-summer sandals in a great pick-me-up color! :tup:

    For fall, I'm really looking forward to wearing these Zanotti's -- I think they are AbFab! Perfect fall shoes!

  11. This may be a blessing in desguise... perhaps it's time to give your wallet a break!? ;)
  12. Hi! I did get them in this color! Basically, I plan on wearing them with dark jeans. I can't figure out what else to wear them with.

    I got then at the Macy's at Towson Town Center, Maryland. They were $27 marked down from $79.

    I needed to size 1/2 size down.
  13. Oooh! I love these!!!

    I also like the CL boots but would never know what to wear them with! I own very little black.
  14. There are so many fall shoes that I totally love that I am having trouble deciding what to get. Of course I like all the expensive ones so I'm not going to buy a few pair and have to narrow it down. Ugh. I must have at least 10 or so that I really like, booties, shoes and ankle boots.
  15. I'm loving these Giuseppi Zanotti stamped croc boots.