Your favorite scarf designer???

  1. I am new to the Hermes scarf craze, but I am wondering who your favorite designer is and why. While browsing thru eBay, I seem to be drawn to the designs by Annie Fairve the most, as they seem so "happy". I also love the Kermit Oliver Texas scarf. I would be so curious to see what everyone loves and why.

    The only scarf I have now is the Caparocon in cream. Love it and don't even know who designed it.

  2. hey its actually Ledoux.....
  3. I'm drawn to a lot of Faivre's designs too, I find they often look nice both flat and tied.
  4. Faivre :roflmfao:

    The off white with blue border is on my list too!
  5. Thanks! I think that scarf would look great with a brown tee and jeans!
    Should have ordered it yesterday. Slapping myself....

  6. hey!!! Its LeDoux for me too!!!!
    and Hallo , and Grykar (sp?)