Your Favorite Sausage?

  1. I Love sausage. Beef, pork, turkey, chicken; hell if it's a sausage, I'll eat it! So I was arguing with one of my friends the other day about which type of sausage was the best. So I'm wondering what is your favorite sausage? Personally, I like a nice, thick, Genoa Salami from Italy covered with black pepper grounds.
  2. Italian sausage or maple flavored breakfast sausage.
  3. I'd usually say bratwurst but since you mentioned it, any kind of Italian Salami does it for me :drool: I also like Spanish Chorizo. I'm getting hungry!
  4. Southern! :biggrin: A sage sausage is great with me, but I can't really eat it much, kills my stomach. Andouille in shrimp and grits is heavenly!
  5. longanisa. their filipino i believe. sweet sasages!
  6. ^^Love those!

    In Hawaii we also have something called Portugese sausage that I love...also gotta love Italian and Polska Kielbasa!

    Actually there aren't many sausages I'd say no too. LOL
  7. ANything but pork sausage :smile:
  8. My favourite is Boerewors. Its a South African sausage which was traditionally made from Boar but I think they use Beef now.

    Its lovely. There is a recipe here if you are interested ( but I know you can get them from Harrods and places like that that stock international foods.
  9. ditto on the chorizo... I tried some chicken chorizo from Trader Joe's the other night and it was surprisingly delicious!!

    aside from that, my other answer would just prove to everyone that my mind is constantly in the gutter.
  10. Haha, I was thinking the same thing!!!
  11. I DIE for this!!! :yahoo:


    Hungarian smoked Gyulai!! YUM! I'm all about the chewy meat...i like slim jims too!
  12. Nothing spicy.

    • My mom gets the best ones from Whole Foods (my favorite is chicken and apple)
    • Bangers (as in bangers and mash)
    • Kielbasa (delicious in a bun with either mustard or fried peppers and onions)
    • Pepperoni
    • Kosher hot dogs
    • Breakfast sausage
    • Salami
  13. I am tempted to say something dirty but I will say I do love chorizo.
  14. I don't eat beef/pork meat... but my current favorite sausage is the chicken with spinach and feta. Yum! Put it on a bun with some sauteed onions & peppers and I'm a happy girl.
  15. kilbasa or however u spell it, is fabulous to me pan fried and crispy (thin sliced is the bestest). italian spicy sausages butterflied in their casing pan fried till crispy (really crispy) is good too. *thinks* oh yes and breakfast sausage in your thanksgiving stuffing is DELISH. i could go on, there are many different kinds i've tried, but i'll snap into a slim jim any day. haven't had them all so i can't pick the fave! i'd love to make my own one day!