Your favorite rain boots!

  1. It's really rainy out here lately and I need some new cute rain boots that will help cheer me up in the gloomy weather. I don't have a lot of rain boot experience. Can some of you share your favorite rain boots with me? Any price range is okay, though of course cheaper is always good.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. i love my marc by marc jacobs rain boots in black with the squiggly white soul. there are a few pairs still floating around on sale (i got mine at Nordstroms) and on eBay...
  3. Hunter makes really good rain boots and they have many different can order them from
  4. i love hunter boots! The burberry rainboots are cute too :smile:
  5. i love pucci and burberry rainboots
  6. I LOVE my Hunter boots. They are well made, comfortable, and pretty reasonably priced. You can get them in pretty much any color at Zappos.
  7. I like Coach and Burberry rain boots.
  8. me too!!! i love hunter boots!!!
  9. Thanks girls! Off to check them out!
  10. Yes, I second (or 3rd?) Hunter boots! The checkout guy @ Trader Joe's actually said, "Wow, those are AWESOME boots!" in a genuine, non-come on kinda way.
  11. I love my black hunter boots! I got mine from saks. they run really large, I am a size 6.5-7 so I ordered a 6 and still have room to spare.
  12. The pic is from neimans, but i got them from bloomingdale's actually. they are super comfy and chic with the wool cuff at the opening. i wear them in nyc rain and snow and love them!
  13. Marc by Marc Jacobs carries rain boots for under $30. If you go on the website they are under special items. However, they are only available in MBMJ stores.