your favorite pump (closed toe, non-slingback) style?


Jul 27, 2008
so i'm fairly new to this CL obsession, and i am trying to figure out what classic pump style is a MUST-have. some styles i have figured out, but there are so many out there that my head is SPINNING!!!!:upsidedown:

can some of you experts out there help a newbie out - which pump (closed-toe, non-slingback) style should i invest in first and why? i know there is a lot of personal preference, but any advice will help...

1. Simples/New Simples

2. Declic

3. Rolando

4. Helmut

Clichy, Decolette, Decoltissimo - what is the difference?? :confused1::confused1: if you own any of these, can you post pics for direct comparison?

Am I missing anything else?

The goal is to eventually have at least one of everything i love :drool: but I gotta start somewhere hahahaaa....

Thank you for feeding into the obsession!!! :nuts::nuts:


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Dec 19, 2006
See how good that thread is?! Daisy and I both referenced it. Big ups to Chins for posting her pics.

carlinha--start witht that thread and go from there. The helmut and decoltissimo are more pointy toed styles, with the helmut having an open instep.

Out of the ones you listed I would rank my favorites as clichy, helmut for comfort in the nonplatform styles because the fit is comfortable and has more of an interesting shape as compared to the simple. The decollette requires a bit more of a break in period and has a very sexy shape for a pump. I would chose the declic over the rolando in terms of comfort, but the rolando just oozes sex appeal.


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Jul 6, 2007
If you are looking for a shoe you can dress up or down, I would suggest the simple pump in a color or the bruges. The simple pump is very comfortable and basic. Bruges have a platform and were the shoes that convinced me that I could were 4 inch heels. They were very easy to break in and are easy to walk in for me.

The declic is also very comfortable and they have a great shape. decollettes and rolandos are so sexy, but are harder to break in and some people can't wear the rolandos.


Jul 27, 2008
wow those pics posted by Chins4 was VERY helpful!!!

i am not sure if i can still tell the difference between the Ron Ron's and the Clichy's though if they were not side by side like this... but anyway, who the hell cares, they are all gorgeous!:nuts:

i bought the simples in snakeskin... i thought with a very simple shape, i needed something to give it some oomph, and the snakeskin will certainly do that... can't wait for it to get here! i hope it fits!! i got it a size larger, just in case... at the worst case scenario, i can just stuff it with pads and such.... i also got a VP in leopard print... will post pics when they get here!!!!

next on list... something NUDE!!


Dec 22, 2007
LOL, I love that at the time, carlinha was "fairly new to this CL obsession." We all know what happened! :lol:
Yes, I was reading the original post and thinking to myself "Is that Carlinha? why is she saying she's new to CLs?":roflmfao:
I guess that could me me in a year or two...