Your favorite perfume?

  1. I don't know if anybody else has posted this topic before ..

    But what's your favorite perfume/scent?

    Mine is Calvin Kleins - Eternity Moment (:
  2. I love perfume and am always trying new kinds. But three that I used years ago but keep coming back to occassionally -- so they have staying power for me!-- are Ysatis and Amerige by Givinchy, and Samsara.
  3. DKNY and Cheri by Dior
  4. Opium and Paloma Picasso
  5. Lolita Lempika and Bvlgari ommnia RRRR~~~~~~~~
  6. I also try different brands. The ones I use at the moment is armani mania, davidoff cool water and paco rabanne pour elle. I love them all.
  7. Floral by Paul Smith is my all time FAVORITE! Love it! It came out a few months ago and it is my new obsession. Also, J'adore by Dior.
  8. Right now its Burberry London.
  9. Burberry baby touch is my favorite.
  10. burberry brit, gucci envy me and chance chanel are my fav's but i also loooooooooooove the new gaultier one
  11. Ralph by Ralph Lauren & Clinique Happy Heart
  12. Prada, prada, prada
  13. Blush by Marc Jacobs. Also love Mûre et musc by l'Artisan Parfumeur, and Thé pour un été, also by l'Artisan.
  14. Yves St. Laurent In Love Again; Creed Spring Flowers; Lancome Hypnose; those are current ones!
  15. I can't choose just one! Jo Malone Grapefruit, YSL In Love Again and Creed Spring Flowers are all in heavy rotation :smile:

    SHOES I think we are twins.