your favorite pair of silver shoes for dining out, going out etc

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  1. hi guys! i am desperately seeking a pair of silver shoes that are great with dresses (formal and cocktail) and even jeans! something along the lines of your classic JCs but i was wondering if there are any other ones out there. I like the JC ones this season (the ones with the more intricate design) but the heel is somewhat disappointing IMO. Any help is much appreciated! THANKS :biggrin:!
  2. ^^ Funny, I just bought those Jimmy Choos! I also tried on this Chloe that was really cute and a pair of Manolos that I can't find a picture of but tried on at Neiman Marcus. Maybe other people will have more suggestions. Good luck!

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  3. hi ahertz! sorry~ i didnt meant to make negative comments about those shoes...i actually love the design on top...but i prefer the more slender heel over the thicker ones...i still think they are beautiful tho...and if nothing turns up im prob gonna go for those :smile: do you have pics of you wearing them? what r u planning or wearing them most with? tks!!
  4. Well, this won't do anything if you want a slender heel, but the swept forward wedge on this makes me look like my foot's about a size 6. I love the slightly faded silver color on it with dresses or jeans. (I also coudn't resist the golden color when it was $40 on smartbargains last year)

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  5. No worries, I just thought it was funny. I need a thicker heel because I'm a wobbler...

    I got them to go with a few dresses but they seem to match everything, so I'm sure I'll wear them more. I have a hard time wearing shoes like that with jeans, though, because I always seem to trip (since I am the aforementioned wobbler:sweatdrop:). I also have last summer's silver Jimmy Choo wedge that I wear with jeans -- I manage to stay upright in those! :lol:

    No pics now but when I take them, I'll post.
  6. i have worn a pair of silver heels to death now and i wish i could get them again. they were called balm and from jimmy choo, think they were s/s 2006 maybe? they are the comfiest heels i've ever worn but i need some new ones. if you could track down a pair of these though i think you should get them!
  7. ahertz~ do you have the lent or the leo? or some other pair? those are the two i was looking at!

    any other suggestions please help, thanks!
  8. I bought the Leo.

    Valentino has some really cute styles this year, but most of them are gold, not silver. I know this Prada is a mix of both, but it's really cute.

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  9. Are these too boring? I just saw them on NAP.

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  10. I have a pair of MiuMiu strappy heels with a metal heel that I really like. I got them at DSW though, so I'm sure they are a couple seasons past. But they were only $70!!!
  11. they're really cute actually! i don't mind still looking around...but leaning towards the lent or leo!!

    ill check out revolve and dsw too! thanks guys!!
  12. Let us know what you end up getting! I feel very invested now...;)