Your favorite Ostrich color

  1. I met 2 wonderful ladies in Southern Cali last week who are fellow H lovers...They know about the Tpf but they seldom visit the forum. They seem to be shy... Of course I had to convince them to visit the forum more often...

    One of the ladies was carrying this beautiful kelly ostrich size 32. She said it's gray but it looks very very light olive green to me?? I was smitten...:love:

    I think my next purchase will be an ostrich kelly 32 in this shade...

    What do you think? What other color will you consider for this skin?

    Thanks. Your opinion/s really matters.:tup:

  2. I am not sure if this is the color I saw...


    Courtesy of eBay-NYFashionexpert.
  3. I'm partial to saffron (yummy Black-eyed Susan background with caramel bumps) and violet! But Vert Anis is fabulous too....and tangerine....Mmmm - I love a lot of them!
  4. fuschia for me!
  5. Tangerine and Orage...... :yahoo:
  6. Fuchsia:love:
  7. M ~ This Is Beautiful!!!!!

  8. In ostrich, the bright colors are really amazing...fuchsia and the blues....vert anis...I can't pick just one...oh and violine, too...
  9. Indeed bagluv!!!:love:Love it!
  10. I think your right Pepper...
    Frenchfan said violet and vert anis

    PazT and Bagluv's vote is fuschia

    Oh PazT your signature's TDF!

    mkc1011 said tangerene and orange

    all lovely colors... how I wish I can get all colors...:girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh:
  11. fuschia first for me then probably violet.....I didn't care for ostrich at first but now love it..something about those tiny bumps put goosebumps on me
  12. Chocolate... yum (photo courtesy of NYFashionexpert on eBay)

  13. ^^^ Ooohhh.......... Yummy!!