Your favorite 'off the beaten path' bag?

  1. No Speedys, no batignoles, etc....what is your favorite bag that others might not normally consider.
  2. I'm attracted to the epi mandara. I want to see it IRL because many have stated that the pm is very small.
  3. marelle sac a dos. cute school girl charm, old school book pack looking and super comfy. the best thing about wearing this bag out, besides the practicality, is that i have never SEEN another person with one. Irl.
  4. i love the Suhali L'Ingenieux PM in black. i'm planning to get that for work if/when i get a job

  5. you seem to buy a lot of bags for work... just curious what kind of work you'll be doing?

    as for my off the beaten path.... i really want a gold speedy - i know.. it's a regular bag for others but for my usually low key-ness, it's waaaaaaaaaaay bling. oh, and the white mink spy. :wlae:
  6. I am in love with the monogram Stephen!! I WANT IT!!! hehe.
  7. The Drouot! Great bag - small - but great for shopping!
  8. Damier Uzes:love: I get lots of compliments and looks when I carry it!
  9. Oh my...I'm so out of my league with this purse forum with my 'ready for my first Louis' thread! :smile::drool:
  10. Damier Illovo MM and the Vavin GM.

    I'm surprised that more people don't like these. The illovo is spacious, a little slouchy and just wonderful!
    The vavin has those great pockets on the inside and is so easy to carry!
  11. Monogram Reporter - great for hands-free shopping with a small child in tow or for holidays!
  12. Vienna Mizi. HOT, HOT, HOT
  13. Don't be silly, you'll fit right in, everyone here is lovely, and we all started with just one too, right?:flowers:
  14. I would love to see that bag IRL on you Michelle! It's a fabulous look!

    I ADORE Priscilla, just drooling over her today, and MC petite Noe, both in white..... yum.:love: :love:
  15. oops. I was talking about the Uzes, cause I think it's a fabuolous bag, and I never see anyone talking about it. ...