Your favorite mini access.. Opinion for mine plz!

  1. Since I can't afford on any more purses, I was thinking of getting something little like mini-pochette, wapity, or cles...Can you guys give me your opinion? I really like the MC or Vernis. I don't usually like the monogram ( I never own one just because it's too mature for my age ), but I like the mini-pochette trunk. So which would you get?

    I love the vernis cles :drool:. the color is gorgeous.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    [​IMG] or [​IMG]

    ps. HOw much does the wapity or mini-pochette hold? Can anyone give show me some model pix? I'm just gonna get it from eluxury bc the store is like 2 hours away. Thanks :love:
  2. I really like the mini pochette T&B. It's classic LV with a twist. I love how you can make it a little purse or wristlet. It's the perfect size for me to throw it into my bigger bag and use it as a wallet or for going out to bars / clubs at night. It fits the right amount of stuff for me.

    I've bought the wapity in MC twice and never ended up using them each time. Maybe because it's a boxier shape? I felt like it took up too much room in my bigger bag.

    I've always liked the look of the vernis cles, but it's not as roomy as the mono or damier cles. I would get annoyed because it was a tighter fit for my cards and my money would get caught in the zipper.

    So, my opinion would be to get any of the mini pochettes, or the cles with more give such as the mono, damier or mini lin. Or if you really like the MC, I have the Pochette MM but it's more expensive..

    Dang.. How can that be more expensive than my mini pochette!
  3. If I had to pick from what you showed there I'd go with the azur mini pochette. I have one myself and I love it. I use it in my purse as a makeup bag, but I've also used it as a clutch for running errands or for nights out. It's a great little bag.

    I also have a vernis cles which I use as a coin purse, but if I could only have one or the other I'd take the azur mini pochette. It's very cute, and I love the azur!!
  4. if I had to pick, I'd go for the MC wapity...............
  5. wapity, mini sac, mini pochette
  6. mini pochette! it's small enough to put in a larger bag and large enough to hold the essentials for a night out!
  7. They're all gorgeous, but I say the Wapity!! I have a pic of mine on my clipboard from another post so I may as well post it here again to help you decide (read: to persuade you!)!!

  8. :blink: Hey.. my wappy has the same colour pattern as the one you posted above! Was that pic from another tPF member? :amuse:
  9. Anyway, have just thought of another option for you, one that's on my wishlist right now.. MC Noir Pouchette MM.

  10. actually it's from eBay. I don't know if she's a tpf member.

    well a lot of opinion. I love the mini pochette as well. It is so cute. I have both Damier canvas & Damier azur as well so I think if i get either, i'll match. I'd never seen the vernis IRL so I don't know how much it will hold. I hope i'll hold enough coin or maybe not???? :confused1:

    I love the mini pochette though. It's so cute. Should I get the cles & mini pochette too?
  11. wow that is cute. I saw it on eBay once & it was sold for only $180 i believe. I wasn't sure if it was authentic so I let it go. But that one is pricey.
  12. I don't think LV make any mini-pochette in MC right? Gosh I wish they do.
  13. I think either the wapity in multicolor, or the trunks pochette! Both are very cute!
  14. I don't think the Vernis Cles hold much at all.. :sad:

    The Trunks and Bags Mini Pochette is beautiful though, too. I love the lining on it, and it's at a great price! One on my short list for next LV visit (my LV store is 10 hours away :push: ). :tup:

    Trunks & Bags Mini Pochette (Elux retail $255)
  15. hey I was thinking the same thing. I wanted this pair of Dior sunglasses but oh well i'm saving my love for LV. Wow 10 hours away. The only thing I like about Elux is no tax; but overal, they suck.