Your favorite men's fragrance???

  1. Which is your favorite and can you describe the scent? Woody, fresh, citrus, etc? I have to admit, I've never really sampled the men's side of fragrances and would love to hear some opinions. TIA!
  2. AL: Are you asking about Hermes fragrances for men or any fragrance?

    I am crazy in love with "anvers". My DH happened to stumble on it while browing in the mens fragrances which is wonderfully adjacent to the shoe dept. He was waiting for me to try shoes on at Barneys and bought himself the fragrance, lotion and candle. This fragrance is a touch Mango and Smoke and just full on masculine. I about swooned on the spot when he let me take a whiff of his arm. I don't detect any citrus which is a nice change. I've yet to see an Hermes fragrance smell on him the way it smells on the sample paper.
  3. Sorry, I should clarify. Yes, I meant H fragrances.
  4. T'erre de Hermes, I would describe it as musky.
  5. Rocabar is my personal favorite. The scent is woodsy and smooth, masculine yet not overbearing.
  6. DH lovessssss H rocabar!
  7. Thank you!
  8. I 2nd T'erre de Hermes. I love it on my DH!

  9. Oh, I shall pass that along to the creator of Anvers who is a personal friend of mine. He's also come out with another scent, Anvers 2, which could easily be worn by a woman. Its top notes are: bergamot, lime, lemon, black pepper, wild basil, rhubarb and cypress. Middle notes are: Bulgarian rose, jasmine, lily, mimosa, cedarwood, sandalwood and vetiver and Base notes of: tonka bean, vanilla, musk, amber, olibanum and oakmoss. It's divine stuff.
  10. Hi!

    My husband is partial to Vetiver Tonka (we share a bottle), which is vetiver and tonka bean and Poivre Samarkande (which is different kinds of peppers and woods). He also likes several by Serge Lutens and Creed.

    I think many of *H*'s newer scents are more unisex, actually. I love Paprika Brasil, for instance, but haven't gotten a bottle yet. I know my DH will probably steal it if I do *LOL* Pete at LZ likes to wear Jardin Sur le Nil. I know a woman who LOVES Eau d'Orange Verte. I even think Kelly Calèche might work for men because the leather note gives it a masculine edge.
  11. I'm a boy and I use Ambre Narguilé; I Love it. I think that and poivre samarkande along with paprika Brazil are the most masculine of the unisex fragraces.
  12. Don't kill me but as a guy fragrances are pretty much the only thing I don't like from Hermes :shrugs: Most of ones I've tried seem too musky or spicy, except for the few samples of Concentre D'Orange Verte I have, which smells kinda like Pine Sol :push:
  13. Poivre Samarkande in fall/winter. Orange Verte in summer.
  14. i have and LOVE vertiver Tonka (sp?) and i will either buy Kelly caleche or terre next (when my other perfume 1/4 bottles run out) I love terre, but im am mesmerized by Caleche (and i haven't even tried it!) depending on which works better on my body chemistry is the one i will ultimately choose.

    p.s. V Tonka is quite strong, and def. not my everyday smell.