Your Favorite Lipstick?

  1. Looking for new ones to try so I'd love to hear what you guys love! :love:

    My tried and true is LM French Lips, (used to be Chantecaille Quasar but discontinued now), followed closely by MAC Syrup. I would love to find a your lips but better color (supposedly Clinique black honey is supposed to be this, but it turns ORANGE on me :amazed: )
  2. mac .. viva glam II
  3. Cover Girl Classic Red
  4. Estee Lauder Pure color Candy. I also like YSL pink
  5. Love Paula Dorf, Nars, Chanel and Senna lipsticks. Some Lancome shades are fantastic too! Favorite gloss though is Paula Dorf lipsicle in Degas. I go through tubes of this stuff!
  6. Make a girl with over 100 lipsticks choose you say? NEVER!

    I can break it down though
    All MAC

    I love lipgelee's in sapilicious and slicked pink

    Red: Ruby Woo, Viva Glam 1
    Pink: Moxie, Plink!, Girl About Town
    Coral: Eager, Cb96
    Deep: Dark Side ( ;) )
    Neutral: Viva Glam 5, Velvet Teddy, Unchanging (pinkish brown/7 hour lipcolor)
  7. Victoria Secrets has a new lip gloss out. I purchased it. It's has a pretty hefty pice of 42.00 but it's completely worth it!!!
    It's called Plump Lips freeze 24/7, it comes in various colors and they are wonderful. You get the plump (and it works) and the color in one! And it really works fast and doesn't leave that irritated look around your mouth and last for about 1 hour. That's the usuall time for reapplying lip gloss anyway.

    The only Lipstick I use is Shu Uemura's collection. They are all mineral based. And they come on dozens of colors and styles. I own every color available that's how much I love them. Mac products has nothing on them!
  8. Really love Laura Mercier stain lipsticks in Just Lips and Bare Lips.
  9. Chanel Red No.5 and Pretty
  10. My favorite lipstick is Revlon's Lavender Smoke, which has unfortunately been discontinued!! I've got half an inch left on my last tube and am starting to panic!!

  11. ooo, I saw in another post you made that you're a make-up artist!

    Ever since I read this book, where the main character had a signature lipstick that she always wore- I've been DYING to find the perect shade for myself. The thing is I'm almost an exclusive lip gloss/tint/stain user- I know very little about lipsticks!

    Do you have any reccomendations for a lip color/specific product? :smile:

    I have olive/tan skin, blue-green eyes, and dark brown hair. :smile:

    oo, heres a picture, if that helps!

    = ) thanks! ( its a dumb picture, I know, and I'm actually more tan now:P)

    lol, I'd ask the make-up counter girls, but they're always either too inexperienced or impolite. :smile:
  12. Thanks Baggaholic for the info!!

    I love Bobbi Brown Clove
  13. ooo, I tried the Freeze ages ago- I work at BBW and we got them shipped to us awhile back-- LOVED it. They have eye stuff too that is super fab. Crazy expensive, but fun! :smile: The eye stuff is really cooling, but you can tell it works. :biggrin:
  15. My fave used to be Calvin Klein cosmetics in a blushy pink but the whole range has been discontinued, so my new fave is Stila's Natalie