Your favorite line?

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  1. If this was already posted I'm sorry and feel free to delete. I am just wondering what is your favorite LV line? Mono, MC, Cerise, ect.
    I'll start with mine..The Miroir Line...I think this is so wild and flashy and carrying my pap. I get more compliments and looks that with any of my other bags!! So tell me about yours!!
  2. mine by far is the MC line.
  3. I like Damier or EPI.
  4. Mono and Epi are tied
  5. Mono and Epi
  6. Love the classic Monogram... but also enjoy MC and cerise!
  7. I love the EPI line. I'm not big on carrying huge logos around.
  8. The denim and onatah lines
  9. Anything Murakami (but not wild about Cerises)



    Want more chocolate damier

    Epi! love epi

    not too wild for mono unless Murakami or Dentelle oriented...
  10. Denim and mono!!
  11. Onatah and Vienna are two of my faves!:heart:
  12. Classic mono and MC a close second
  13. Definately MC and Cherry Blossom :love:
  14. Azur, Suhali, and Vernis for the smaller leather goodies ;)
  15. MC is my ole time favorite
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.