Your Favorite Kooba

  1. I would love to collect several eventually. For those that like them or own them, which is yours?
  2. I have the ivory sienna, paige tote in raisin, and now I am on a HUNT for the elisha tote in blonde.
    Saks and Neiman Marcus have it, but I prefer not to pay tax and shipping costs, so I'm holding out.....
  3. I :heart: my Sienna. It's such a functional bag and doesn't look like many other bags out there. It is incredibly comfortable to wear, too!
  4. The Sienna is my favourite Kooba
  5. hehe cheekers well you already know the ones i have and love but ill add my 2 cents here too :smile: just for others who may read
    i love the ginger! i have it in chestnut and the leather is SO soft and i just think its so super cute
    I also own the carla in gold, which i also think is great love the adjustable wide strap, the gold leather tho isnt nearly as soft as the reg leather
    I had the ADA (the bigger 1) and i dont recommend it unless you are used to really heavy stuff because empty it weighs about 10 lbs
    I think i would love the jillian tho , same style as ada but muuch smaller
    same with maria small version of the ginger shes super cute!
  6. I love my toffee Nisha.
  7. laura,
    you and i seem to post on the same threads a lot! GMTA!!!!
    i love my kooba bags...i have the jessie in raisin, the sienna in camel and the natasha (arriving monday) in caramel...i think i told you about the place i get my koobas are very helpful and friendly and have great prices...
    i'll let you know about the natasha when it arrives...
    have you checked out bulga bags? i just got one this week and LOVE it!!!!
  8. I really enjoy my Kooba Maria in terraine. It is a medium bag, just the right size for a normal day and the leather feels like a fine leather bomber jacket.

    My newest Kooba is a Braeden in black but I haven't worn it yet. It is abit bigger for those days one needs room for a book and water bottle.

    I am on the hunt for a Frankie in bourbon, I just love that color and how that bag opens like a butterfly. And I am holding out for a good sale. The hunt is part of the fun, don't you think?
  9. I've wanted a Kooba Kim satchel for a few years now, but they're impossible to find and I stopped checking eBay a few months ago because they never were listed. Tonight I checked the completed auctions and GAH! A red one closed a few weeks ago at $83!! I could kick myself for not continuing the search. I weep.
  10. I have 2 Koobas, a Lucy and Brynne. I like them both equally. Now I'm eyeing the new Kooba Nicole :love:
  11. I only have one, a Sienna in a kind of distressed camel -- it is a great bag, holds a ton w/out being huge, stays great on my shoulder. I have a feeling if I hold onto long enough, my daughter will be wearing it 10 yrs. from now, it will still have a good feel to it. :smile:
  12. Well, I have a Kooba Sienna, Nisha, Lena and Renee...the Renee is my favorite. It is made of a distressed brown leather (with champagne colored laces) so I don't worry about tossing it around alittle, is soft and extremely roomy without looking packed with stuff, comfortable to carry and goes with most anything casual. My family thinks it is big..(my brother jokingly says that I'm carrying around 50 lbs...but what do men know?) but to me it just feels right.
  13. Only have one, the woven Ada. It's on the heavy side, but I love it. :love:
  14. I have a claudia in sand. It was a beautiful bag when I first bought it. Now, I've got some marks on it and I don't even know how to get it off. I can't even figure out how they got on there. If I get another Kooba, I'll be making sure it's a darker color.
  15. I have the Sienna in Ivory and the Lena in black and would love another Sienna in Cognac (but they don't do them anymore and I would like it new, if anyone has seen it..) I also have my eyes on some of the new ones for spring. I'm not a big fan of the distressed leather or the embossed ones..Thought the Marcelle looked great in Cognac, but not sure I would buy it now:s