Your Favorite Handbag in the Forum

  1. My last post in the Desert Island Handbag thread got me to thinking....whos bag/s do I covet here on TPF? Heres the thread to come clean with a bag you love owned by another member....
    I've always love Star3777's Red LV Velour Irvine Alligator bag. Would look great next to my green one...:graucho:
  2. ohhhhh.....I wish I had a LV dentelle Kirsten, but the closest thing I'd get to that would be looking at their photos in the clubhouse !!!!!
  3. I want all the LAMB bags in MissNovember's closet :yes:
  4. Thithi's avatar Gucci!
  5. Monsoon88's Sandstone Twiggy! Monsoon....I hijacked your picture for reference! It's gorgeous, and someday......sigh.....[​IMG]
  6. Lily's Fuschia Chanel Valentine Heart Chain
  7. Noooooo :crybaby:you can't be so cruel as just to ask me which ONE, there is more than one, in fact at least two or three on each designer forum!
  8. I would definitely love all the BVs in Bella's collection!
  9. Oh my Goodness!

    There are way too many to name! That's what I love about this forum...everyone's differing tastes!
  10. This thread is cruel LOL I could never choose just one handbag!!!! But, if I have to, there's this poster that owns several CHANEL PYTHON FLAPS that I love. I have been covetting one for ages and she makes me jealous!