Your Favorite H Bag...

  1. Do you have a favorite H bag in your current or desired collection?

    What H bag do you use the most? Is this bag your favorite or your most practical H bag?

    Sick at home with a cold this weekend...head is all stuffed up...please distract me...
  2. I have only one GPT so i can say that it is my best and of course compared to other designer bag it is my favourite
  3. When I first started lusting after H brand, all I wanted was a Birkin (I know, I know! So typical of a newbie.:shame:smile:. Then I finally ended up getting a JPG Birkin as my first H bag. I was over the moon! The bag fits my lifestyle, which is a FullTimeGiantSUVDrivingAlwaysCarPullingHockeyMom! JPG is probably my most practical bag. It rides shotgun with me all the time and spends most of it's time in the hockey arenas!:nuts:
    Then I got my Kelly! Can I just say that it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!:love: And here I thought I was a Birkin girl! I LOVE my Kelly! It's definitely my favorite out of ALL my bags.
  4. I love this thread, SoCal.....Thanks for starting it!!!

    The bag I use the most is also my most practical - my Togo Birkin followed by Rouge H Birkin and then Vintage Black Box Kelly.

    The bag I still sigh over and pet the most is my vintage Croc Kelly (still can't believe she's mine!)

    But is it strange that I really don't have an all time favorite? I love them almost children they have their own character and each one rises to different occassions and situations. I'm happy which ever bag I use.......
  5. I don't have my favorite and don't think I'll get it. I have the 30 black togo birkin and the 35 gold. I wish I had a 35 black but feel I would almost be repeating myself. Anyway I love both Birkins and enjoy my black kelly and a rouge kelly (but not as much as the Birkins).

    Waiting for the Bolide (could be a favorite) and haven't carried the while Evelyn yet. I'm waiting for Spring.
  6. So sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. It hit my husband last week. He drank the Synery drink from Mothers and it really seemed to help (as bad as it was).
  7. I love my Birkin for looks, but for practicality and ease of use, nothing beats my raisin Evelyne!
  8. While I used to be strictly a sellier Kelly gal, I've totally flipped for my 25cm togo retourne Kelly! It is so casual without compromising the classic beauty of the Kelly shape. I would say this is my fave.

    My most functional H is my 35cm potiron GPT. I use it once a week as an overnight bag (it helps to have tiny clothes! LOL!!) on my business trips to Miami.

    But, I am dying for a 25cm Birkin in veau swift. Hopefully, I will find one soon!!
  9. hmmmmmm...... that's a toughie... but it'll probably be:
    for my 30cm black birkin GH for my lifestyle (SAHM with many an errand to do) and my 31cm potiron clemence bolide GH (for when i want to be dressy casual).

    feel better SoCal!
  10. double post sorry!
  11. It does feel like I'm picking which child I love more lol!!! I love my bolide for size/convenience/zip top; I love the birkin for tote style, and well just that it IS a birkin lol! And the ease of use; plumes are like the bolide with zip top and ease of use...and my souple kelly is fun, stylish, classy...and just lovely! Well basically bolide I guess is my fav today...because it is so understated and quiet...hope you feel better!
  12. Vert Anis Chevre Bolide. I can't get enough of it!
  13. They're all my favorite! I know it's a cop-out to say so, but it's true. It's really whatver bag I've got on me at the time, which today is the black swift birkin 30, adorned with some new H charms!

    (But if pressed, I'd have to say croc kellys which are just gems, brilliant all on their own!)

  14. I like Shopmom's analogy of the favorite child--it's hard to pick just one!

    If in the event of a fire, I'd grab the Dalmation Kelly & Sapphire Blue b/c they'd be difficult to replace.

    The two I'm carrying the most of lately though are the Ebene Clemence Bolide and my 35cm Rouge Garance Togo. Both have just integrated nicely into my daily routine and wardrobe.
  15. Thanks for your well wishes...I have a fabulous trifecta today...nose alternating drip/stuffed...throat cough/sore...and...monthly cramps... On the bright side...they all go away with time...

    My latest favorite is my black togo kelly 35...she alternates #1 status with black birkin 35...