Your favorite guilt-less food?

  1. We all know what our guilty pleasures are, but how about some guilt-less snacks and food that you love to "indulge" in? I'm hoping to be inspired by some of your ideas to help change some of my bad habits.

    For me, it's low-fat string cheese and brown cow low fat yogurt with a handful of granola. It's so good, I feel like it's a treat! And juicy Fuji apples . . . mmmm.
  2. I love raw veggies and dip, and especially artichoke hummus. Low-fat cottage cheese and fruit is also good.
  3. Great thread!

    I have been obsessed with snacking on strawberries lately. I also like sugar free jello and sugar free popcicles.
  4. Raspberries :drool: And natural peanut butter. I eat lots of natty pb :graucho: Mixed in oatmeal, on ezekiel bread, by itself out of the jar, on whole grain crackers, on fruit... anytime, anywhere :nuts:
  5. If I'm ever dying to satisfy my sugar/sweet tooth...I like home made angel food cake w/no frosting!
    THat probably wasn't exactly what you had in mind...but it's not terrible if you really need something sweet! :smile:
  6. Konnyaku.

    It comes in block and noodle types. With the block type I usually just cut it into small pieces, boil them and serve them dipped in a miso dip.
    With the noodle type, I either cook it like fried noodles (without the oil) or put it in a soup.
    It's so easy to prepare and so filling, and can you believe it? It's only 5 calories for a 200g block/pack of noodles. And it's very very cheap - 40 to 100 Japanese yen (about 30 to 90 cents?) per pack.
  7. PICKLES! 0 calories... but uhh.. i think there's lots of salt in it

    and broccolli! (sp?)
  8. cellery:p
  9. I thought I was the only one who liked to snack on broccoli! :lol: My roommates in college used to make fun of me and always asked if I had a gas problem from eating so much of it. :s
  10. My guilt-free favourite foods:

    1) As snacks:
    banana in slices and yoghurt
    mango and low fat chocolate pudding
    fresh figues and cinnamon

    2) As food:
    vegetables in general, (boiled broccoli and cabbages me too, also Bruxelles) little tomatoes, courgettes, green beans, sushi.

  11. yogurt
    pickles (mmmmm its been a while)
    broccoli with salt yummy
    oranges (sometimes with salt on them mmmm)
    limes (i put lime juice on everything)
    green beans
    heart of palm
    mangoooo (with salt)
    sunflower seeds
    pumpkin seeds (thanks a lot fayden)
    apples (golden delicious and granny smith....with salt)

    i love salt!! lol
  12. MMmmmm guilt free Vanilla Mousse

    * low fat crave control low sugar vanlla yogurt
    * blueberries
    * whipped cream

    I whip them all together and it becomes very much like a vanilla mousse with blueberries!!

    I sprinkle on sliced almonds, then it's a dessert with very little calories and almost no fat, only a bit of the good kind from the almonds.

    Delish!! :heart:
  13. mmmmmm sounds yummyyy...i love blueberries!
  14. i love this list!:yes:
  15. fruit... strawberries, kiwi, apples!