Your favorite games?

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  1. Which are your favorites? I love Sorry and Trouble -- they remind me of my childhood.
  2. Mother wents to the market. LOL.
  3. My cousins and I used to play Swear Word Scrabble. We didn't keep score, we just tried to see how many swear words we could spell out.

    I also remember playing Guess Who and Critter in the Candy.
  4. haha! Ummm. I love Guess Who? and Candyland
  5. Try Blokus...great game for any age
  6. I used to love Guess Who, Sorry, and Clue.
  7. Monopoly and Connect Four
  8. Haha, Swear Word Scrabble! I used to play Scrabble, but just the regular version. :p I forgot to mention that Trouble should be the pop-o-matic version.
  9. I also remember Memory.

    (Haha, once at camp, my friend and I would play sort of a swear word version of Mad Libs. Then a counsellor figured out what we were doing and we had to go back to the boring version.)
  10. Oh, yes, Memory. I remember having several different versions of that one. Also, Concentration. That was the game where you had to put the correct shapes in all the holes or they would pop up when time ran out.
  11. Memory, Scrabble, Uno & Monopoly!
  12. Ok, really showing my age here,,,, but Lincoln Logs.
  13. Monopoly, Sorry and Candy Land.
  14. i forgot about mad libs. i used to love those!

    i still play monopoly...went out and bought the anniversary edition not too long ago :smile:
  15. Mad libs are HILARIOUS!!!!!!

    I love to play Boston Red Sox monopoly w/ SO, and Battle of the Sexes!!!