Your Favorite Foundation Brush

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  1. Which brush do you like best for:

    1. ease of cleaning
    2. softness
    3. retuns to original shape
    4. cost
    5. long lasting

    Thanks ladies:heart:
  2. I use lancome's - been great.
  3. I use all Trish McEvoy brushes. They are all fabulous and easy to clean using Trish's "Brush Bath". I use only Trish products as well...
  4. I like my Armani brush - it's super soft and doesn't leave any streaks.
  5. Lancome
  6. Mac
  7. Another vote for Lancome - I have tried several brands and this one is the best for me - perfect handle length, smooth and easy applicator.
  8. I use all of Trish McEvoys brushes they are fab & her brush cleaner is great!
  9. Roz, once again, I agree! Trish has the best eye liner brush I have ever used. I have had the same one for years and it's the best brush ever!

    Her "definer" is amazing. Eye shadow brushes are IMO the best.:smile:

    I do like some Stilla brushes too. Laura Mercier for her secret cam. brush is pretty fab too!

    My problem is that I can never find a mineral foundation brush that doesn't shed. Anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Thanks everyone---I will try some of each of your favorites:heart:
  11. Aura Science for foundation is excellent while Maybeline's eye shadow brushes are just as good as the high end brushes. ;)
  12. Prescriptives has a great foundation brush. I also like MAC brushes and Smashbox.
  13. I think that Becca makes the best. Their foundation brush is make of synthetic fibers so that it doesn't "stick" to the product. There's the traditional kind with "longer" bristles which is great for liquid products. They also have a brush with shorter bristles that works best with cream products.

    They have a great amount of "bounce" and are really easy to clean and take care of. Can't rave about them enough!

  14. Thanks. I use cream foundation so I will pick up one of these. Sounds great!:yes:
  15. I use all of Channel brushes..they are great!
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