Your Favorite Facial Cream?

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas!

I am looking for a recommendation on a good facial cream that's reasonably priced. I have very dry skin except for my nose. I'm pretty sensitive, too, with small tight pores. I have some little bumps on my cheeks that I was told are "keratosis pilaris." I am looking for something that is very rich, that keeps me from feeling "tight" 5 minutes after I apply it.

I am not really in the market for a fancy treatment based cream, one that promises to get rid of wrinkles, sun spots, or anti-aging. Maybe one with a gentle acid to help with the bumps on my cheeks.

Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Miss 2 A

Dec 12, 2006
I have super sensitive skin that is very very dry, my face will dry up and you'll see the little white skin cells flaking off around my cheeks, chin and even forehead.

I use an organic cream called "kiss my face" I found it to be really good and absorbant unlike other creames I've tried, also perfume in a cream tends to hurt my skin. I try to stay away from anything unnatural when it comes to my face.

They have a website, just do a search for the name.


Nov 2, 2005
Clinique's "Moisture Surge extra" so moisturizing, I find it actually plumps up my skin. Or even more economical and excellent is Hyaluronic Acid Serum at the Vitamin Shoppe for about 22 bucks.
Dec 14, 2006
go with Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion. It's super cheap (about $11) and has alpha hydroxy acid to exfoliate those dead skin cells, and get rid of bumps.

I stopped using it about a year ago because I thought expensive facial creams would be better, but with every brand I used I would get ugly little red bumps. Once I switched back to the Neutrogena, my skin became flawless again. I'll never use another face cream other than this!