Your favorite everyday scarf

  1. Do you have a scarf (or pointu/pochette/twilly) that you seem to wear more than your others? Why is it your favorite?

    I seem to pick up my black Ex Libres pointu the most at the moment, it's just so easy to wear.
  2. i love the ex libres. if i had it in a big scarf with white background and navy and green colors....:love: easily an every day scarf.
    my paris modiste is my favorite but it's too new to say it's an every day - but once i get over babying it, i think it will be.
    as to why, i think because it can look like a different scarf depending on how i fold it, AND i just love the pattern, and looking at it.:heart: :heart: :heart:
    also, the colors are bold but that really works well with the things in my closet.
  3. I would have to say that my black jungle love seems to go with alot. A close second is my luna park with blue border
  4. I have a new bluejean tweedy/popcorn irish wool coat sweater I've been wearing a lot, and my Les Bles, with the bunnies, in blue/lavender goes perfectly, so I've been grabbing that.

    But I have to say that honestly, my favorite is the one I wear each day! After I dress, I go to my picture index (that tells what box my scarf is in), find something I think might match my outfit, and (try to) pull it all together - when it happens, it's magic!
  5. What a coincidence! That's my favorite one too!

    Right now, I'm wearing the black Alphabet Russe scarf that Mr.GGA gave me for Valentine's Day. He gets disappointed if he doesn't see it at least once a week.
  6. i agree! right now i'm wearing my blue instruction scarf/ big pochette. i adore it! too bad it's 70 degrees out and i'm sweating to death.
  7. which one is that? the how to tie a scarf promotional scarf you mean?
  8. ^^^ I would love to see that one 'on'. I thought you were going to frame it?
  9. yes. i call it the instruction scarf. lol. i was worried i wasn't supposed to wear it- only frame it.
  10. i thought about it but it's so pretty and i have kind of an important party tonight and wanted to wear something special. i'm afraid i'm ruining it. i have it tied in a square knot with the ends hanging. i think it looks a little weird.
  11. just look at it for new ideas on how to wear it!
    oh i would totally frame that i think. what a catch!
  12. lmao. i forget that EVERY. TIME. should i take it off you think? am i ruining it? eep.
  13. ^^^ only if you can pop into H for new scarf, one can't be seen without one's scarf lol!
  14. For the longest time the scarf I seemed to wear the most often was Vol Amoureux de Azures in the black/fuschia colorway--with the black background and pops of color it just went well with a lot of black jackets I wore. These days it's Turandot in Navy/Orange since I'm toting around my Orange Kelly a lot, and the small pops of orange on the mostly blue scarf pulls an outfit together w/o being too matchy matchy.
  15. lol. not going to happen. you think they would deliver one to my office today?