Your Favorite Evening Bags

  1. What are they? How many do you have? Colors? etc :cutesy:
  2. My favorite is Moo Roo, out of Charleston, SC. Saks and probably some other stores carry them, but not on the website. Moo Roo has a website that carries many of their styles. They run a few hundred, but they are unique and up till now have been basically handmade. Heard a rumor that Mary Norton, the founder, has sold out to a big NY co., so I don't know what's in their future. (MOO ROO Designer Handbags Clutches Totes Shoulder Minaudier Evening Bags)

    I have had 6 Moo Roos, but now just have 3: 2 are black satin with silk flowers on top and a little handle; the 3rd is a black ruched silk long clutch with a crystal pin attached. I also use a couple small Bottega Veneta woven clutches--one black, one taupe.
  3. My Chanel reissue (2005) black with gold h/w is my favorite (225) for evenings:love: although I don't use it with a long dress.
  4. These are my new favorites, although I don't own them......yet:love:
    1) Tods Marlene Pochette Micro $675
    2) Tods Marlene Torcigione East/West Bag $945
    3) Tods Marlene Smock Tracolla $1,390:heart: :heart:
    You can see them all better on
    p11197603_ph_hero.jpg p11197582_ph_hero.jpg p11197566_ph_hero.jpg
  5. I only have this clutch which I LOVE dearly:
  6. you SHOULD love it, it's darling!:love:
  7. Love it!! Do you mind if I ask where you got it from?
  8. The bag used to belong to my late mother. We were on vacation in the Bahamas when she got it. I can't remember where exatcly (for some reason shops in Atlantis resort come to mind).
  9. My black lambskin Chanel east-west serves most purposes in the evening.
  10. It's absolutely beautiful and a treasure. Thanks so much for letting us enjoy looking at it. :love:
  11. Rose, thank you so much for your kind words!:flowers:
  12. For dressier evening events, I use a classic black caviar Chanel 2.55 or this black crocodile clutch from Nancy Gonzalez (pic from Neimans).
    nancy g.jpg
  13. [​IMG]

    This is my fav clutch by Emillio Pucci. I always get compliments when I carry it!
  14. I use either my gray chanel reissue or my LV black epi jasmin. I would love to own a chanel clutch!
  15. I love evening clutches and bags! My fave has to be the beige theda with gold locks ... followed by my fleur lexington ... and monogram satin boulonge and black satin mini b-bag. I try to carry them during the day too, for casual glamour, but they're so small it's unpractical sometimes, urgh.