Your favorite Etsy store/designer?

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  1. I love supporting solo/up-and-coming designers who may or may not be well known in the fashion industry. Plus I love the feeling of wearing something one of a kind and made to order!!

    However, I find the Etsy website very hard to navigate, and with TONS of items for sale, almost impossible to browse completely!

    So what are some of your favorite stores/designers? I'm hoping that starting this thread will make it easier for me to discover some new talent that I would've otherwise missed. Thanks! :smile:
  2. OOooohhhh....I would like to know also!
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    Edit: Opps I thought it was just sellers =(

    For etsy I like:

  4. ^^
    But the OP was asking for Etsy sellers...not ebay sellers and what not. :shrugs:
  5. I haven't actually bought anything from these people yet, but I intend to! These are sellers I have favorited because they have super cool booths:

    ArtLab for beautiful and unique t's and dresses:

    SparrowCollective, a co-op of independent designers from Milwaukee (my hometown):

    Annlumred for stunning gowns and party dresses:

    KAThousedesign for gorgeous sterling jewelry:

    Louise Black for unique repurposed vintage jewelry and custom corsets:

    Danielle Marie Design for reasonable custom bridal gowns:

    Joanshum- I wish I could afford to have this woman design my wedding dress!

    Elementclaystudio for the funkiest pottery around:

    Maggiejs for really unique leaf shaped jewelry:

    And Leanimal, Leanne Marshall from project Runway!!
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  7. Omigosh - I need to find a reason to wear a fabluous feather hair piece!!! Maybe I'll just be funky and wear them daily :yahoo:
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    When I joined etsy a long time ago (at least in internet terms) it was AWFUL. Seriously, there were NO good clothing sellers on there. That seems to have totally changed in the last 6 months! This thread is great, keep the list coming!

    A note about Leanne Marshall--I had one of her one-of-a-kind Leanne Marshall dresses from right after she won project runway and it was TERRIBLE. SERIOUSLY AWFUL. The fabric was something from the $1 rack at Joanne's and the technique was what I would expect from someone who was in their 1st month at fashion school. I was SORELY disappointed. I wanted it for my dress collection (yes, I collect dresses. I know. I'm a dork) and it was so bad that despite the fact that it was a one-of-a-kind by her I got rid of it and the most I got when I resold it was $15 because it was just abysmal. I seriously hope that her stuff has gotten better otherwise she isn't going to last much longer.
  9. LOVE this thread. I have always found Etsy difficult to navigate and never had the patience to muck through and find good stores myself.

    Are their tops TTS as described?
  10. I absolutely love etsy. Thank you for everyone giving names of great sellers.
  11. Attend a regatta or polo match! :biggrin:

    Passerby - That headband is stunning! I wish I knew how heavy it was/how it would look on someone's head.