Your favorite ESSIE colors?

  1. Hi all!

    I'm going to buy some more Essie nail polish. I love the light pink colors -- I've got Ballet Slippers, Mademoiselle, and Cindy-rella. I find that Ballet Slippers is difficult to apply evenly, so I usually put one coat of Ballet Slippers and a coat of Mademoiselle and it looks great.

    What are your favorite colors and/or recommendations? Please try to describe why you like them. :smile: I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, but what I do know is that I like classy, subdued colors that make my modest nails look professional. :girlsigh:

  2. My favourite Essie colour is Vanity Fairest, it is a great pink and makes the tips of my nails look really white, it has enough coverage, without being streaky (Ballet Slippers), or too opaque (Options Pink.) Vanity Fairest also has the *slightest* amount of shimmer in it. You can barely see it. Very pretty.

    I wish you well,

  3. Vanity Fairest. I love it over OPI's Heart Throb with my French.
  4. Sweet, thanks!

    Last night I tried IDeelDee's instructions for a professional French (thread here) and it worked great! I still need to practice using the brush on my R hand because I'm R handed so it's difficult, even more difficult than applying traditional polish. But man, this is the best "at home" French I've ever given myself (that's not saying much but hey...):shrugs:I've used sticky guides in the past, and have never had my nails done professionally (always kept them short and realized it would be a waste of money to have them done nicely). It always looked stupid until now.

    I took pics of my first attempt. There is much, much, much more room for improvement. (pic) I used a coat of Ballet Slippers and a coat of Mademoiselle. The white tips are yucky because I used Sally Hansen and that polish was really hard to put on evenly...going to grab a bottle of Essie blanc when I get my new colors!

    But yeah, the half-moon trimmed painting brush works nicely and it was actually exciting to see it melt away my sloppy first application. I think I need to get a wider brush (it's about 0.75cm wide) and it'll be easier to maneuver.

  5. I like Essie's Limo-scene on my fingernails--a sheer pretty pale pink. I haven't noticed problems with streaking with this one. Vanity Fairest sounds pretty ~~ I'm going to check that one out!
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    I only own one Essie it's called Aruba Blue but I love it because it's a dark metallic=y blue but when the light catches it - the blue is bright and obviously blue (as opposed to darker metallic blues that when the light catches it the blue is dark/blackened)
  7. My top 2 faves are Turquoise & Caicos (very Tiffany & Co. ish) and Jam & Jelly (such a pretty pink!)
  8. For subdued Essie colors I love Chinchilly and, a bit darker but still not too crazy in my book, Smoking Hot. I want to try Merino Cool and Angora Cardi in the future... Heard great things about both, and they are true Essie classics!

    Edit: ha, I didn't realized this thread is ancient!!
  9. My favorite Essie is Mint Candy Apple... always find myself going back to that polish!
  10. I have to go with Wrapped In Rubies. The last time I applied it I did a half moon manicure with A England's Holy Grail (old formula) and that really brought out the gold undertones in the essie color.
  11. My favourite Essie's are forever changing lol. At the moment, it's fear or desire, such a lovely bright orange! i don't even wear orange polish but I love this for some reason.
  12. Me too.
  13. Mint Candy Apple
    Mojito Madness
  14. Essie does not get enough attention. I have several and love each and every one. Chinchilly is my favorite Smokin Hot is awesome for a darker smoke color. Boxer Shorts is a favorite blue along with No more Film. I enjoy Essie and it last forever on me. There has only been I think 1 or 2 that have been a fail.
  15. My faves are Sew Psyched and Cocktail Bling.