Your favorite drink?

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  1. I don't consider myself a drinker, I rarely ever touch alcohol. But when it comes down to it, I enjoy a nice Bacardi & Coke or a Mojito. How about you? :nuts:
  2. Depends on the occasion. Out at club/party: Bailey's w/ ice. With a meal: Wine, white or Rose. Holiday: Cocktails.

    Never all at once - I'm a weakling. ;)
  3. Top Shelf Magaritas, Gin (Bombay please :smile:) and tonic; a miller lite works too, I'm a simple girl
  4. Woodpecker Cider !!! (not a big drinker )
  5. On that note... sorry to say that... but American beer is ****in' awful...
  6. Me too! I rarely ever drink, but when I do, it has to be some kind of cider.

    You should try "Wyder's" if you can get it...I think they are mostly found on the West Coast, but I really like their Raspberry Cider.
  7. good ole, gin, lemon and lime... :amuse:
  8. I like a good Cosmopolitan, and I love fruit/slushy drinks (daiquiri/margaritas)
  9. :nuts: :nuts: Is it? I just don't have much to compare it to these days You just can't be a drunk mom :nuts: :nuts: I think the only other beer I've had is Japanese, it was pretty good though, oh wait I love Red Stripe, my mom's from Jamaica. Miller Lite will still carry me through sporting events though ;)
  10. Thanks, I will try and get some.:biggrin:
  11. Being Czech (we invented beer - you know the term Pilsner? It comes from Plzen, a Czech town where they invented the brew) myself and having grown up in Germany, I'm just used to much more potent beer. More flavor, less of that watered down something you taste when you drink a Coors or a Miller. Don't even get me started on Budweiser... lol
  12. vodka tonic all the way.
  13. That is interesting Vlad I swear I've learned more on this site that I did at work today. Everything is indeed relative, I guess all I know is crap beer :nuts: :nuts:
  14. Tequila in a shot glass, and pass the salt and lime, please :nuts:

    Obviously I still haven't grown out of the college party phase :P

    I also really like wine (Santa Margherita pinot grigio is my favorite), sangria, and margaritas.
  15. Cosmo & scotch and water.