Your favorite drink at Starbucks?

  1. Just wanted to see if I am missing out on something really yummy.

    What do you love to order there?
  2. same old....mocha frap with shot of espresso and extra chocolate!
  3. Nonfat White Chocolate Mocha ;)
  4. light caramel frappichino
  5. ^ I agree with Acegirl, White Chocolate Mocha is heavenly!
  6. iced white choc mocha with cream :love:
  7. Iced latte with a shot of almond and whipped cream topped with cinnamon. Half-fat milk is optional to try and offset the whipped cream :biggrin:

    "Chocolat viennois" (iced)

    Chocolate frapp'
  8. cafe latte or cafe mocha with an extra shot of expresso

  9. banana-carmel frappachino...delicious!
  10. Hot: Toffee-nut Non-fat Latte
    Cold: Non-fat iced Latte
  11. My favorite is White chocolate mocha with skim milk-but I get skim milk sugar free vanilla latte since I am on Weight Watchers/.:rolleyes: During the summer the light mocha frappacinos are yummy!
  12. I love Soy Chais....either hot or cold. Yum!
  13. Venti no foam Chai latte

    I get it no foam because one time the cup was 90% foam and 10% actual chai, but I was late for work so I couldn't stick around and complain. That annoyed me to no end.

    This summer I'm loving the banana creme frap too!
  14. Caramel Frapp!!
  15. Caramel frappuciino or if I want it hot I get a caramel macchiato extra hot!