Your Favorite Denim Jacket

  1. Ok - so lots of posts & threads about jeans. But what about denim jackets? Who makes your favorite denim jacket?

    I have several of them but my favorite (and the one I reach for the most) is a 7 for All Mankind denim jacket that I found at Marshall's about 2 years ago. Prior to buying that one, my favorite was a Marc Jacobs washed denim jacket (he makes the best jackets!!:heart:)
  2. Do you guys have a thing against denim jackets? C'mon - post your favs!!
  3. I have a dark navy Diesel denim jacket that I bought for £75 over 5 years ago and I still love it! Not that bothered about denim jackets, but love my old Diesel one, it still looks as good as when i bought it and i've had so much wear out of it!
  4. Ohhh I love denim jackets...I need a new one.
    My friend has a 7FAM one that I love...I believe True Religion makes them too??
    But on my high school budget [I have to pay for my own clothes most of the time, if I don't need them] I like the Abercrombie&Fitch or Hollister ones.
  5. I love denim jackets, but sadly, i haven't been wearing them as much as i used to. My all time favourite has to be Sass & Bide Funky Thompson, i have it in 3 different washes, in vintage, indigo and white corduroy. They've got a fitted cut.

  6. I have one by Esprit. It is in a dark wash and is cut like a blazer. It is cut really curvy and has a lot of stretch in it so I look great and stay comfortable.
  7. My favorite denim jacket is nearing the end of its wearability, but sadly I'm having a tough time finding one to replace it. They just don't seem to be offered much anywhere.
  8. I have a dark wash one from Levis that is reminiscent of the one I owned in the 1970s.

    I also have a cute cropped one and a red cord jean jacket with no particular "designer" name that look cute on me.
  9. Oh I am in love with my 4 year old Abercrombie one. Lately though I am too scared to wear it for fear of more holes!
  10. You should try Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line at Steve & Barry's - they have a cute denim jacket for $10!!!
  11. I think I look funny in denim jackets.
  12. D and G jeans jacket is my fav, I have a gucci jeans jacket I got about 4 years ago, far too big for me, I used to be much larger then!
  13. I only own 1 - it's from the Gap
  14. I love my Diesel dark blue jacket, bought 5-6 years ago for 100 something. I'm not wearing them now but still keeping.
  15. I have a Sisley one that I hunted high and low for a few years ago. It's a great color and flattering cut (not too boxy). And the color doesn't fade too much from numerous washings.