your favorite cologne???

  1. i dunno if it should be in the beauty bar or general but i'll put it in here for now.

    Since there are threads about guys favorite purfume on girls i thought why not have a thread on girls favorite colonge on guys.

    I've always loved swiss army and aqua di gio :okay:
  2. I like Burberry Touch.
  3. I just gave hubby some Calvin Klein Euphoria for Christmas. I love it on him!
  4. burberry brit for men.....i want to buy some for that wong?
  5. I got Bvlgari Aqva for my boyfriend for his birthday and I love it!
  6. I like most CK scents, but Crave is my favorite. I also loooooooooove D&G Light Blue for men and Azzaro Chrome. I like fresh and clean citrusy colognes!!!
  7. Lacoste, Hugo Boss Energise, Versace Eau Fraiche
  8. i like on my bf Dior home..he smells fabolous with that parfume.
  9. Curve by Liz Claiborne and Pleasures for Men
  10. :heart: love the new diesel fuel for life , givenchy and paul gaultier 2 all smelly yummy on the hubby:graucho:

  11. I second that.
  12. I like YSL L`homme, Diesel Fuel for life, Armani Code, and that one Versace!

    I have the first three and want to get the last for my bf.
  13. Sunset Heat by Escada- it smells SO good on my bf
  14. my 'more affordable' favorite is Gucci Rush 2, but my dream cologne/perfume right now is CREED