Your favorite clutch...H or non-H...

  1. Need a clutch for upcoming events...not too large...

    Love functionality of the KP, but proportion is not quite right for me...

    Best "fit" for me tends to be the longue or elan style in H-land...but want to explore non-H possibilities as well...

    Prefer leather (non-patent) or matte to shiny or glazed...more dress/casual than formal...

    What is your favorite clutch??? H or non-H??? Why???

    TIA...look forward to your responses...
  2. Do you like the Jige? That's my favorite H one, in rose shocking...mmm!!!

    I like a lot of the Chanel metallic black, because it can jazz up a casual outfit but also go well with a dress. And I LOVE subtle metallic sheen.
  3. I would have said a matte black lizard KP which is my current favorite, but since the proportions don't work, and it seems like something slightly longer would work better for you based on your description, I'd have to vote for the Chanel Timeless Clutch. Mine is in black patent, but I know it came in the standard matte black caviar. Here's a photo from an eBay auction and I think the Chanel section has some celebs modeling it.

    It is the perfect size--about 11" at the widest point at the bottom and holds a lot while being subtle. I like the fact that I can just throw things in there without having to adjust things so they fit properly in tinier clutches.
  4. SCL, the KL would look great on you. I love that one best but could not find it in a suitable leather/color combo so I went with a Medor which probably was good for me as it is roomy and also represented a different style from the majority of my collection.
    Icechick will have some good insight.
  5. yes the chanel timeless clutch is my favorite too. not that you would get it but they also have colors like red and purple if you can find them. if i ever needed a clutch that would be the one i would get. so classic.
  6. You said non H..... have u tried Prada. They have these ombre semi shine clutches that are quite beautiful. After Hermes, Prada does lots of beautiful colors....lots of shapes and sizes too.
  7. tricia has the Chanel clutch and it's lovely. Good recommendation, orchids! At one time, I was eyeing a BV clutch but it's too small to be practical IMO.

    SCL, I have the KP and Kelly Longue (KL). And I love them both. When I want to use my KP, it's more troublesome because I'd need to downsize and simplify the wallet I take out (sometimes I use my Azap Compact, most times, I just dump in some cash and 2 credit cards loosely in my KP) Whereas with the KL, I just dump in my Azap Long.

    KPs and KLs are so much harder to come by .....
  8. If you have a couple weeks before the event...

    I got an envelope clutch made at Roberto Vascon in NYC. I basically took stock of the essential items for an evening event, measured all that and gave them the dimensions. You can choose all sorts of leathers, exteriour and interiour, and it's not very expensive.
  9. Hmmm...thinking... Of course...I was distracted momentarily...and that distraction may have an impact on clutch

    MrsS...glad you mentioned BV as that was also a consideration...

    UGH...should have thought about this when I was in Paris...KLs galore...
  10. Have to agree that Chanel Timeless is lovely if you want a larger clutch.

    Smaller clutches I would say BV knot clutches are stunning and such a variety to choose from (along with variety of price points). I also like Judith Leiber as an option, if you like simple clothing and then you can pump it up with a gorgeous clutch.
  11. I'm not a Clutch girl...but if I had to have one, I would prefer a KL
  12. She's my Lydie!
    (in black croc)
  13. I like clutches for dinner out and the theater. I love the Chanel clutches and I have a great one in caviar leather--just enough shine and enough room, since it is slightly pouchy. I also like the Nancy Gonzalez clutches; Gonzalez uses crocodile but a much rougher type than that used by H but with alot of style. And I think the sizes and styles are great for going out at night.
  14. LOVE THIS BAG......SCL!! Beautiful bag Coco-nut!

    Didn't you try on a Jige before or have one?

    Remember I LOVED the Little Kelly Clutch that I tried on in Blue Jean?

    Like the Chanel Timeless Clutch, but a little too big for me. Come visit and we can go PLAY!:yes:
  15. I love, love, love my Jige!!! Maybe you would like the Elan better than the PM? :tup: The Chanel Timeless is nice too. :flowers: