Your favorite CL style for summer?

  1. I know for most of us... apart you lucky Ca and Fl gals summer is still a while off, but I was wondering which are your favorite styles for summer when it gets nice and hot?

    Here I tend to wear in the summer a lot of it can get really hot and I am a sahm but what would be nice but wearable summer CL's ?
    Pics ?, Ideas concering the new Collection ?
  2. I live in NJ and once spring/summer hits, I only wear things with my toes out! They hide most of the year, so once it gets warm out I let them shine! hehe
    Last spring/summer I had a lot less CL's, but the ones I wore the most were my Activas. At the moment I have my eyes on these CL flip flop looking things on eBay & a pair of esp. wedges.
    EDIT: I also wear my green VP's a lot since they do look black, they kind of go with everything.
  3. They would be cute in black. White would probably get really dirty & hard to get out of that fishnet material.
    I personally like my toes completely out in summer. :idea:
  4. I'll probably wear my python YoYos and Tiburon espadrilles a lot to work this summer and out to dinner. But when I'm outside of work or in a more casual environment, I stick to flip flops :nuts:
  5. I'm hoping that there will be really cute CL sandals for the summer.
  6. I like the Activas for summer.
  7. ^ I also like the Activas for summer, as well as some of the espadrilles. Luckily I live in Florida so it's summer shoe weather most of the time- although it has been randomly "chilly" (for us anyway) a few days recently.

    Fingers crossed CL has some cute summery shoes!
  8. I like the cork prives-they are summery, and have a bit of gold in them for a hint of sparkle. Can wear them with capris or a dress.
  9. Hmmm...out of the ones I have, or the ones I wish I had?

    I can't wait to wear my black and red Architeks--they are the only summery CL shoes I have. I :heart:them!
  10. I heart espadrilles...i can't stop wearing my CL espadrilles...i love em. I am gonna live in my Isabelles 100 and Menocras...I am thinking about these cataribbon criss as a new addition to my ever growing espadrille collection
  11. I love these CL wedges!:love:


  12. I like these, there is an even lower version. I think you could have fun with this and you don't have to sell plasma to buy them!
  13. I want these in gold! Perfect summer shoe!

  14. :shame:i told my DH i want both gold and silver...he gave me the "look":sweatdrop::lol: