Your Favorite Chloe Is Back

  1. I was one of the one's who returned it. It's a very awkward bag. It looks a lot better in the pics than IRL.
  2. I agree-I sent my lighter tan one back to Bergdorfs!
  3. They're going to need to do better than $630 for that one!
  4. Wow! I returned the bag also, it felt like I was carrying luggage. The handles were so stiff. Bag looks so much nicer in pictures.
  5. I camethisclose to purchasing 'said' bag. It looks so cute in the picture and I'm not a big Edith fan. BUT I stopped and said no. Measuring the porportions of this purse made me pause, just too e/w. After reading po's comments I'm relieved I didn't carry through.
  6. oh, hello, my name is Chloe, like the name, like the bag.
  7. aah, yes :s i also passed on the chamois due to the bad reviews on the Chloe thread.