Your favorite Chanel sunglasses

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  1. I really love the 5061, but I can't find them anywhere :crybaby:


    I know they're not the newest Chanel sunnies out there but I want them so badly. Since I can't get them, anyone have any suggestions for some cute ones that might resemble these?

    I tend to lean toward larger frames, as I have a rounder face.
  2. There are some sellers on ebay that sell auth ones, just be sure to ask for many pics of the insides of the arms and the etching on the lenses.
  3. I Love And Have These--- Somewhere
  4. I've seen Dior sunnies with similar shapes, does it have to be Chanel
  5. I've been wanting my first pair of Chanel sunnies for a while. I have some Dior ones already.
  6. Chanel sunnies are def my favorites, but I also really love Michael Kors sunnies too.
  7. i have 4 pair of Chanel tortoise with the mother-of-pearl CCs on the stems, and my pink aviators are my faves
    i also would love to own the white plastic framed ones with the black camellias and cc on the stems (i hae 2 blacks already, but also love the same sunnies but black with white camellias/ccs)
  8. Why these of course!! My M.O.P.'s. Wear 'em everyday!!! :wlae:

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  9. The 5080b and 6014. The frames are identical on both pairs and fit my face better than the other styles - and I've tried on sooo many...
  10. I have 7 and i love them all. But this is my favourite.....

  11. i only have one pair of chanel sunglasses, which is strange but i am weird when it comes to sunglasses ... very picky ... mine are black frames with the double c logos in crystal on the sides .. bought them years ago and still use them ...
  12. My favorite are my 6014s. So comfortable and cute!

  13. Any pair of Chanel sunnies you can reccommend to someone with a petite face?? I'm petite and my face is small, I want Chanel sunnies, I'm just frustrated....I don't want a pair where the frames appear so big on me that I look like a bug.
  14. any model is best fit for asian? I can't find any that fits me perfectly? :roflmfao: