Your Favorite Black Bag

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  1. I'm looking to get a black bag. Leaning towards the Hamptons Signature Tote. Is this style discontinued? If it is has anyone ever seen it at the Lahaska outlet?

    What Black Coach bags do you have and what are your favorites!:p
  2. Are you talking about this one?

    Untitled Page

    If so, they had a TON of them in black pebbled leather at the Burlington and Tulalip outlets in Washington State last weekend. They didn't have any signature ones, though. They had both the carryall and the book tote. None in the business tote, though (just in mahogany).

    The only black Coach bag I have is the Hamptons leather swingpack that I just got at the outlet. I love it! But I don't wear a lot of black so I don't really have many other black bags. If I were to get one, though, I'd get the Gallery Tote in black signature, or the Legacy shoulder bag in black leather. :love:

    Edited to add: It definitely isn't discontinued. They always have some version of that style, just altering the belt around it or whatever.
  3. The one I want is similar except the belt is braided. Maybe I have the name wrong.
  4. The belted one is this season's. It's pretty new so I don't think it's in the outlets yet.

    I love the carryalls. Classic, roomy shape, and come in a variety of colors. They sometimes even have some at the outlet that don't show up in the regular stores so you should check it out.
  5. Can I just say I love this board! I'm learning so much!
  6. my fave black bags are my Carly and Pleated Hobo.
  7. blackbutterfly, do you own the black pleated leather hobo No8B15 or
    1025. If so why do you like it and how much can you fit in it. It looks
    really classy and sophisticated and I am thinking of buying one. Let me
    know. thanks, Liz;)
  8. Legacy Shoulder bag! I don't know if I'll buy another black bag as long as I have this one!
  9. Oh okay, yeah, that's this season's style. Same name, just different belt design, like xikry5talix said. The ones at the outlets are last season's, with the plain belt. Here's the one I got:

    Hamptons business tote.jpg

    They had the carryall size in black, white, mahogany, and some two-tone ones that I assume are outlet-only (black with white trim, white with brown trim, yellow with white, and I think blue with white).
  10. I'm not a HUGE fan of black bags...but my mother bought me the black signature lunch tote from the outlet (got it for a STEAL $110)

    I love this bag...perfect size for work, great "drop" on the handles, and sits very comfortably on my shoulder.

    (pic from eBay)
  11. My absolute Fave is the Black Legacy Shoulder bag, used it every day since I bought it !! I also have the Black Pleated Hobo, which is just gorgeous too ! My daughter has the large Signature Stripe Tote in Black, that's her school bag, seems to be holding up well !

  12. sorry i didn't see this last night, otherwise i'd have been able to check the style number. but here's a picture:


    if i remember correctly, i can fit:
    --either a cosmetic case or pochette
    --phone, sk3

    i do love the bag because it's a bit smaller, but still roomy. it's no where near the size of the Carly, but when I put all my stuff in, i don't feel like it has been stuffed. it's a very classy look, but can be dressed down w/jeans & boots as well.
  13. My favorite black bag is the Signature Gallery Tote.
  14. blackbutterfly: your bags are gorgeous!
  15. This is my fave black coach bag that I have....I love it!
    Black Nylon Pocket Satchel.jpg