Your favorite bag styles?

  1. I have definite favorites when it comes to Toki bag styles. Lately I am OBSESSED with Giocos and I have always loved Campeggios and Denaros. So here are my top three in order:

    1) Campeggio
    2) Gioco
    3) Denaro

    What are your favorites?
  2. 1. Ciao
    2. Gioco
    3. Bambino/Bocce (not to use, just cuz they look so tiny and cute)
  3. Definitely the zucca as my large bag (gioco is in second place) and bella bella as medium bag (mamma mia is in second place). And of course I always have to have a matching denaro.
  4. I :heart: my zuccas the most too... so roomy and big. It's a hard decision but I think my next favorites in order are bv and denaro
  5. I'd have to say my favorites are

    1) Stellinas
    2) Bambinos & Dolces
    3) Giocos
  6. My top three favorites are:

    - Campeggio
    - Ciao Ciao
    - Stellina
  7. My favorite bag styles:

    1. Mamma Mia!!!!
    2. Stellina
    3. Bambinone

    Favorite accesory is definitely the Denaro.

  8. My favorites change from time to time.:wacko: Right now, I am totally obsessed with Ciaos, but I do really love Zuccas and BV's as well. And I too like to have matching denaros. Wish I could convince myself to just do a Notte or Fumo Denaro and be done with it, but it never works. I just like the little characters on the Denaros too much to give them up. At least there's only one more print remaining.:rolleyes:
  9. 1. Bambinone
    2. Stellina
    3. Zucca
  10. 1. BV
    2. Campeggio
    3. Scuola
  11. 1. Ciao
    2. Gioco
    3. Stellina

    I love the Zucca, but everytime I've tried one it is just to big for me. Even the sales people in different stores tell me it's to big for me.
  12. Delete, I hit the button twice.
  13. cant choose between these but ciao, bambino, luna (its a bit annoying to keep minding where it's gonna "hit" though lol i wish there was a smaller version of this bag..).. but im starting to really love ciao ciaos and campeggios/stellinas.
  14. My faves, in this order.

    1. Bella.
    2. Zucca.
    3. Gioco.

    Yay ^__^
  15. Gioco, zucca, bv.

    I'm finding that I'm not so fond of my babinone. Maybe I should try a stellina?