Your favorite bag for 60+ age group

  1. Sorry I just want to re-post this question. Been meaning to get them for my mother and mother-in-law. The budget is around $500. Thanks so much in advance.
  2. I'd go with something streamlined and classic.

    Are the ladies fashion conscious, or are they mainly interested in functionality?
  3. My mom is 58 and her favorite bag is still her LV Speedy. Then again, I've noticed her taste in handbags has been skewing younger and younger...
  4. i'm not usually a coach fan but i must admit i like the ergo's classic/timeless and perfect for a mature woman. my mother is 60s, loves classic leather bags...the tan ergo hobo is her go-to bag right now..very discreet and classic, and definitely fits into your $500 price range.


  5. what about a BV make-up bag or Dior classic bag in the fabric, not leather. Anything on sale that takes returns? Or a clear plastic beach tote. I'm actually looking for a bealted gift for someone also- can't find one. About the same price range too. Hmmmmmmm
  6. I'd go with a nice classic leather bag. I agree with the Coach suggestion. It's in your price range. I also think an LV Speedy would be nice, but it is a little more than you are budgeting for the gift.
  7. I also agree with the classic style leather, black maybe, brown possible, and Coach would fit in your budget. Check out the Classic Favorites, Leather Handbags at The particular styles I would recommend would be the City Bag and the Patricia's Legacy. Being not too far from that age group, I know my friends and I think of these bags as the best for everyday, and have a few between us, even if we like to carry around the "younger bags" also. I've looked at the ergo hobo for myself and find it's either too large or in the smaller version doesn't feel comfortable on my shoulder. Those two Coach I mentioned can also be worn cross-body, which is nice for everyday for us older folks! And you'd have enough to throw in a wallet or wristlet.
  8. Thank you so much for the helpful suggestions. Neither my mom nor mother-in-law is fashion knowledgeable. So, the good thing with giving them a Coach or LV is that they'll recognize the value right away :smile: I have seen women of all ages carrying the Speedy.
  9. what about these from pierotucci? there's a thread somewhere here about their bags. they are suppose to be very well made and understated.

    plus, since they are on sale right now, it's within your budget:

    here's a couple samples:

  10. Younger women always think that older women prefer different or particular bags. They usually don't. As an older woman, let me tell you it depends on the woman. I like and wear all the same bags you wear and look sensational with them. Some women are old at 40 and some are young at 60.
  11. ITA!!:party:
  12. These bags look like replicas of Hermes handbags. Is this site legit? Does it violate any trademark/intellectual property laws?
  13. I know they're trendy right now, but I think the shape overall style of Rebecca Minkoff bags would look wonderful (and refreshing) on someone of that age. I don't think women have to stick to that proverbial, narrow aesthetic of "classic" after they reach a certain age. :smile:
  14. I was wondering the same :confused1: