Your favorite animal

  1. i dont know if there is a thread about this, but there is one about the most beautiful animal, but what is your favorite animal?
    mine is the kiwi bird! isn't he adorable?

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  2. awww... this little birdie is soo cute and fluffy...
    i love cats.. im more of a cat person! :smile:
  3. OMG that is adorable!!

    I´m a cat person too. Oh and pugs :heart::heart::heart:
  4. I'm also a cat person. And dogs.....and meerkats. I love meerkats!
  5. I had never heard of a kiwi bird--what a precious creature!!!

    I would have to say my favorite animals are dogs--I just cannot get enough of them! :nuts:
  6. dogs,mainly Shiba Inus. I have 2 and I adore them.
  7. Dogs are my favourite!
  8. Im going to be predictable but my all time FAV is Ms. Lilly....
    sunset 008.jpg
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  9. I LOVE my dogs and have always thought that Chinchillas are cute!
  10. awwww! i forgot about those, they are definitely in my top ten!
  11. I love cats. =)
  12. I am an ardent admirier of cats, both domestic and wild.
  13. I like miniature things, like ponies and dogs. :smile: I also like monkeys, chimps etc. Its too hard to choose.
  14. I love rats!
  15. I love black labs!!!!! Actually, I love all animals!!!