Your favorite and least shopping companions

  1. Mine is my best friend because she somehow makes trying clothes on really fun and interactive.

    My least favorite would probably be a guy I was casually seeing who STOPPED SEEING ME after a shopping trip. :amazed: We were in San Francisco and I bought a LV Speedy 35 and I think that scared him off. Oh well, good to know now rather than later! lol
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  2. Favourite shopping partners...all of my girl friends!! :love: :love: Unfortunately they are all in my home country in another hemisphere...:cry: .

    least favourite fiance...he's not only a PHH,he's just a FHH (fashion hating hubby:lol: )....he always tells me how good I look even when i look truly awful,but he doesn't seem to think that I need to spend money to keep it up:lol: .
  3. Here in Raleigh, I dont have one :[

    I'm waiting for Swedie to move here so we can meet up!
  4. Fav shopping partner: My mom!:love:
    Least Fav: Dh
  5. My favorite shopping partner is myself, my mom, or Vlad. My mom is not a big spender, but she is a sucker for buying me things when they look good on and when she does shop she has great taste. Vlad is my other great shopper becasue he understands me and puts up with me trying a lot on. And myself is my most favorite because I can get in and out and do what I need to do.

    My least favorite is many girlfriends. If they are not happy with their body at the time, I hear about it the entire day. If the clothes don't fit, they are angry. And better yet, if the clothes fit ME they are mad at ME!!!!
  6. A good friend in each category. :lol:

    One is an enabler with great style so I can usually count on her for a "good shopping day".

    The other poo-poos everything I eye because she usually deems it too expensive and it usually puts a damper on the shopping experience.

    :shame: :lol:
  7. I prefer to go alone, but, otherwise, I like to go with my mother -- we like to look at the same things and we take the same kind of time.

    The worst person I can imagine shopping with is actually my Dad. He always buys the first thing he sees, and is looking at his watch within five or ten minutes, wanting to get out of the store. His idea of shopping = very utilitarian (only when necessary and to replace broken or worn out things). So he has no patience for browsing. Also, he doesn't look closely at things -- like I said, he buys the first thing that comes to hand, even if it's defective or something so he'll have to make a return later. His main idea is to flee the scene asap.
  8. A few of my girlfriends are like this, too, and I refuse to eat OR shop with them. Any activity is an excuse for them to complain!
  9. My favourite is my sister, it's great cos we like the same kind of things and can say what we think without the worry of hurting one another.

    My least favourite....hmmm depends really. Although I hate it when I go out with my dad and he suddenly gets grumpy and leaves just because he needs the toilet and refuses to use the public ones! :lol:
  10. Wow you had a lucky escape there!:lol:

    I only like shopping on my own, I like to focus and I try EVERYTHING on, sometimes several times for comparison, eg with handbags when comparing two, and only someone with no life would be interested in waiting around for me - and fortunately, that doesn't describe my mates!;)

    I love BROWSING with other people though because SA's tend to be less interested in pressurising me, on my own I get embarrassed esp if I'm looking at things I can't afford right then and the SA is giving me attitude!:shame:

  11. Favorite shopping partner: American Express (lol, what I mean is going solo)

    Least Favorite: Mother and Husband; both are total joy-kills.
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  12. Favorite: Me, myself and I. My mom comes in a close second, she knows how to shop a good sale!

    Least Favorite: My cousin. I love her to death, but going shopping with her usually means waiting for her to try on the million things she's thinking of buying, then if they look bad on her she complains about it the rest of the day. I just can't enjoy myself :suspiciou
  13. Favorite: Myself or with my mom

    Least: many of my friends...either they don't understand what I buy and why..or they make me feel bad for buying more of the expensive things/or (like meg said) always complaining about themselves
  14. Ditto!!! I just need to go my pace. I pretty much speedshop. One of my closest friends is of the same pace I am so we enjoy each other, but when she gets into certain moods, she shops until I DROP.

    My least favorite : My mom. She will literally try on every outfit in the store, whether she likes them or not. She can spend 4 or 5 hours in one store just trying on clothes. I just can't handle it. I am a speed shopper.
  15. Favorite: My mom or just by myself
    Least favorite: Boyfriend...ugh. He gets so annoyed when I want to go to the mall so I just leave him at home!