your favorite accessory/bag in punch

  1. it seems as though some, (including myself), were a bit disapointed with the signature stripe tote, perhaps beacuse of the patent straps
    so....what item are you loving in punch and will consider purchasing???
  2. I have the cosmetic pouch and mini skinny in punch and like them both. I'm not a big fan of signature bags but love signature accessories! I think the patent looks cute on the accessories but perhaps it's too overwhelming on the bigger stuff?

    ETA: cosmetic pouch is actually the medium beauty case
  3. I love the cosmetic pouch but I'd rather get one at the outlet than pay $68 or $88.
  4. i love the swingpack
  5. oh good grief...just bought the tote and mini skinny today. and i have the cosmetic case.
  6. If someone twisted my arm, LOL, I would gladly accept a Mini Skinny. I love those things! They are soooooo addicting!
  7. get it, get it!!! it's SO freaking cute!

  8. You bought what?????:hysteric:

    Kallison, you got some 'splainin to do!
  9. ^^ :nuts:
  10. i was good...used up merch credits. and, besides, i'm quickly falling out of love with that tote.

  11. least they were merchandise you say. :hrmm:
  12. just trust me on this one...

  13. i love the the skinny and the wristlet...actually bought the wristlet today
    i think because there is not so much of the patent on those.....also loving the demi in punch!
    i prefer the accessories over the actual tote myself..because punch with the signature is too cute!!! and i must have something with that pink this season!!!
  14. I wanted to love the Punch but I went to the store today and just thought it was too bright!
  15. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was put off by the straps. I was pretty excited to see the tote in person, but the straps are preventing me from actually purchasing. They almost look cheap to me.