Your Favorite AA t-shirt?

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  1. What's your favorite AA style t-shirt? I want to order a three pack, I just don't know which one is the best. TIA!
  2. I personally love the v-necks. I'm wearing one right now! ;)
  3. I only have the tri blend (v-neck & tee). I've seen my mums deep V though. I love the tri blend!!! I think you should get that. So comfy!
  4. Triblend!!!
  5. The unisex deep V-necks! I have four of them!
  6. Oh I love tri-blend shirts. They're extremely comfortable.
  7. do AA t-shirts hug the waist/hip area or are they loose fitting?
  8. deep Vs and tri-blends
  9. Unisex Deep V :heart:
  10. deep Vs :biggrin:
  11. Oooh I need to order some of these deep V-neck, could wear my lamé bandeau under !

    I have some tri blend that are the most comfortable ever and good fit !
  12. Got to be the unisex v neck tee, I wear mine to death:heart:.
  13. I must try the unisex triblends. Thanks for the help.
    Do they run pretty true to size and do they ever shrink?
  14. princessDD- For me, the tees don't really hug the waist at all. They have a slouchy fit, which I love!

    Woofybubbles- I don't think that the tees really shrink. They do a little right out of the wash and dryer, but that's expected.

    My favorite is the tri-blend v-neck that AA has! So comfy :heart: