Your Favorite 21+ Drink!

  1. Just watched Oprah and it's a rerun with Rachel Ray and they were making Rachel's famous Lemon Drop Martini, and man did that look good!! :biggrin: :yes: So it got me wondering, what are your favorite mixed (or not!) 21+ drinks! And if you could share a recipe/instructions. :smile:

    I posted earlier in the "why girls with LV repulse me" or whatever thread, but i'll post it again for everyone who may have missed it:

    Cherry Popper
    1/2 fresh ripe lime, quartered
    4 fresh bing cherries
    1 oz simple syrup
    1 1/2 oz Ketel One vodka

    1. Muddle lime, cherries, and syrup
    2. Add vodka & ice
    3. Shake vigorously & serve.

    whats everyones favorite alcoholic drink?

    favorite beer?

    favorite shot?

    Mine is Gin & tonic:graucho:
  2. and here's Oprah's famous Lemon Drop Martini (sorry i got confused with Rachel Ray, it's actually Oprah's famous martini! haha) [serves 2]

    * The juice of 6 lemons
    * 4 Tbsp. sugar
    * 6 fresh mint leaves
    * 4 shots of vodka
    * Ice in shaker
    * A sugar-rimmed martini glass

    Mix lemon juice, sugar and vodka in a martini shaker filled with ice. Shake well and pour into sugar-rimmed martini glass. Garnish with mint.

    mm I want some.
  3. i love the mojito! 2nd fav is long island made w/ diet coke. i also love the peach martini.
  4. my favorite drink that I make at home are Cranberry Coolers...
    cranberry juice
    orange juice
    red vodka

    there's a recipe for this but don't ask me how much of each to put in it...we just do it til it tastes good! We make this by the pitcherful and keep it in the freezer between cups, so it's extra cold and a bit slushy, but oh so good...

    when i'm out, i like to have frozen margaritas/daiquiris.
  5. I love a good, ice cold lemon drop martini and mai tai's.
  6. Stolys with seltzer (soda water) with a twist of lime
  7. 1. Piña Colada
    2. Mojito
    3. bellini
    4. Cosmopolitan

    5. wedding cake - ice cream drink TGF but only one place has them =(
  8. I mostly drink wine :smile: But I also like margaritas on the rocks with salt, Cuba Libre (rum and diet coke with lime, my version), bloody marys, some light beers and just a plain old shot of tequila with salt and lime :devil:
  9. Mojito
    Amareto Sour
  10. Bellini!!
    Margarita, rocks, salt
    Vodka club soda (low cal and very smooth)
    Wine of all sorts
  11. + Manhattan
    + lemon drop
    + cosmopolitan
    + dirty martini
    + cape cod
    + madras
    + margarita on the rocks
    + alexander
    + black russian
    + gimlet
    + greyhound

    But not all at once!
  12. martini, pina colada
  13. I do not consume alcoholic beverages so I guess, I could just look at what u guys consider to be your favorites...
  14. oooh I love cosmopolitans and belini's, wouldnt like to chose between the two.
    But in the summer, you cannot beat a lovely chilled glass or sancerre or Chablis :smile:
  15. Mojito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!