your fave style poll


your fave style

  1. the first

  2. the city

  3. the work

  4. the weekender

  5. the twiggy

  6. the day/hobo

  7. the purse

  8. the box

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  1. so i was just wondering which style had the most fans from this forum...
    there's too many to choose from, so i just put some :

    the first

    the city

    the work

    the weekender


    the day/hobo

    the purse

    the box

    all pics borrowed from LP's site
  2. Mine is:

    1. First
    2. Twiggy
    3. city
    4. Day
  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhh I couldn't choose, but if I had to, right now, my ink day is my favourite at the moment not only because I just got her (hope my black city ain't listening!!!;) LOL). I love her slouchiness and her je ne sais quoi !
  4. come on girls... just one pick!
    it doesn't mean you don't love your other b bags :p
  5. The purse is my #1 fave so that is what I voted for, but the box is a close 2nd.
  6. Mine are:

    1. the City (perfect size for every occasion):heart:

    2.the First (my favourite shape and the perfect little bag):love:

    3. the Work (really nice shape and style for a bigger bag, i.e. laptop bag):supacool:

    4. the Weekender (perfect travel bag):beach:

    I shouldn't be writing about this - now I want a Work!!!:blush: :love:
  7. The day gets my vote. But my two other favorite styles were both discontinued this spring which makes me so mad because there were several colors I wanted and I don't want to buy all day bags. *cries for the bleu glacier purse and cobalt mini bowler that will never be*
  8. seahorseinstripes, what happened to the Part Time :confused1: It's my fav style :crybaby:
  9. Mine is the Purse style but I love a few more, too!
  10. Seriously, everyone always forgets it! I feel like it's the Balenciaga stepchild!
  11. I love my Part Time, too! I like how not many people have them.
  12. The cutest shape is the FIRST!! :smile:
  13. bal newbie - Isn't it sad :crybaby: I need to start a Part Time fan club :love:

    MRG - I always get MAJOR compliments on the Part Time every time I use it, but not everyone knows about this particular style :shrugs:
  14. the First has the sleekest shape and is very versatile for work, casual evenings out.
    The city is more practical though I find it a little too big for me unless it doubles as a diaper/toddler snack bag.
  15. so hard... i had the twiggy, loved it... first, love it... city, love it...

    SEA.. so hard to pick *_*

    I'll have to say CITY :biggrin: