Your fave red lipstick?

  1. I like Mac Lustreglass in Venetian. It's pretty subtle. I have some red lipsticks too but still haven't worked up the guts to wear them.
  2. favorite reds
    chanel rouge allure No. o9-lover
    chanel hydrabase No.65-Fire
    and my newest craze
    YSL rouge pur-spf 8 - 60AA topped by ysl touche brikkance No 11, gorgeous!!!
  3. Chanel's Lover- For sure. It's a deep rich red.
  4. lancome, candy apple
  5. Just wanted to add, that if you think you can't wear red, try a gloss or a sheer lip pencil with gloss (Clinique Black Honey pencil with Black Honey lipstick are great for red-phobes). Black Honey is a nice darker lip color that still makes you feel glam, but it is light enough to still look natural!
  6. Hi! I was on the hunt for that perfect red lipstick a week ago. When I was in high school dark red lipstick was my signiture look..then lately I found my self falling over that craze of mine again...I ended up w/ smashbox in the ravishing shade... then I found mac's best seller russian red and ruby woo. The russian red was so far the best red w/ blue tinge! anyone else on the same boat? or may I ask whats the brand of your fave red lipstick?
  7. I've tried tons of reds, and my favorite true red is Estee Lauder Double Wear in Stay Scarlet. Great true red with the perfect vintagey matte finish, and it stays perfect for hours.
  8. I love MAC Russian Red too but my favorite is Givenchy Rogue Interdit 17. It's the best true red I have ever used.
  9. At this moment my favourite red lipstic is Guerlain Kiss Kiss, Folie de Grenat-525.
  10. I love red lipsticks, and the Reds that I really love right now --

    Nars Fire down below
    Nars Red Lizard
    Nars Sephora Flame (limited edition for sephora)
    Tom Ford - Smoke Red
    Tom Ford - Cherry Lush
    Estee Lauder double wear - Royal Ruby
    Armani Rouge D'armani - 400

    I've heard great things about Chanel Rouge Dragon, but I am yet to try it.
  11. also my fav! a classic deep say it leans toward slightly bluish, but it's got a good mix of blue and orange on me :biggrin:
  12. I really like Tom Ford's Maroccan Rouge this winter as a darker shade of red.
  13. Yeah, Guerlain !!
    Kiss Kiss 962 Grape Juice and Rouge G Brilliant 02 Blondie for everyday
  14. Wow! Keep the suggestions coming ladies! Very happy to hear about all sort of red lipstick from diff brands! Ive gotten 3 so far.. But guerlain seems like a must try!
  15. :yes::yes::yes: